Want to begin working but unsure of so much

Hi there. I have been reading and studying the occult for about 1-2 years, with about the past 8 months being more intensive. I was wondering if anybody knows any good books or anything really about working with the goetia and such.
I suppose I am just not knowledgable enough about the whole “working with demons” thing. I find that I want to know as much as I can before delving in to working with what are termed “evil spirits” in the goetia.

It’s weird because it seems like most people’s experiences here dont seem to be “evil” variety, I guess I am just kind of scatterbrained on the concepts. I associate evil with terrible things and terrible acts, ie rape or torture. It seems though that these “evil” spirits moreso just are “darker” in the nature of their energies, which I distinctly separate from my idea of “evil”

Sorry this post isn’t very well articulated, I am having trouble even figuring out what I am missing or want to know or what is holding me back.

If anyone has any advice that would be much appreciated.


When evoking I would suggest EA’s Evoking Eternity. It’s a great book for summoning entities. While following this you can follow and learn about a specific demon and then try to call on them.


Thank you, haha as this stuff goes I read a post right after making this thread that gave me a little bit of answer to some of my concerns.

I really am interested in the herbarium diabolicum being that pharmacology and drugs were one of my first passions (led to this, oddly enough). I just cant see shelling out the money for it at this current stage of my development.

On a similar note, a few months ago I had a dream about magick (the morning an astral projection handbook showed up on my nightstand, none the less) and I awoke from it and channeled into my dream book exactly what EA said about methamphetamine in his recent video; that there are entities that feed off the energy, and utilize meth to transform a person to do terrible things so they have a food source and a body to use.

That blew my mind lol

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For specifically the Goeria:

Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer.

Both books have simple methods for contact that use the guiding hands of the Angels of the Shemhamforash to facilitate connection.

Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove. Uses elemental imagery to help connect with the demons.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include the video course on the Goetia by BALG’s very own Orlee Stewart.

If you are just looking for books to learn the art of evocation, I concur that you can’t go wrong with Evoking Eternity by EA Koetting, but Works of Darkness is great too.


Thank you, I will definitely check those out.
This site has been such a blessing honestly. I am eager to get working.

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Do we have a Discord by chance?
That would be really cool

No, there is no official BALG Discourse group. Anyone claiming so is lying.

Some individuals on the forum do have their own groups though.


I think that would be a legit idea.

I feel drawn to Lilith for some reason, maybe it has to do with my succubus.

Would it be a bad idea to invoke her to apologize for a haphazard evocation that I performed in a semi lucid dream?
I became semi lucid and thought the best thing to do was to yell “Lilith!” over and over again. I first felt my body start vibrating and then the dream completely changed to a dark torchlit cavern, and she appeared as a little girl with red eyes and pulled me onto her lap to say “what can I help you with, my child?”
At that point I kinda felt dumb for not having a good reason so I asked about my companion (oddly enough was told she isn’t a daughter of Lilith, so that’s a mystery). She then began to leave but I called her back to ask for more information but she said she couldn’t help me.

I was thinking an offering or two might be a nice gesture.

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I just bought Goetia Pathworking a few weeks ago. I haven’t started it yet, but I’m glad to see it’s been recommended!

Your apprehension is healthy. These are forces largely beyond our cotton pickin little comprehensions, and the costs of fucking up a rite can be commensurately terrible. The Ars Goetia is the industrial standard. When in doubt, fall back on it.

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