Since we can do magick without tools, why the wand? Why do grimoires call for one to be made a certain way at a certain time? Why do occult store and gem stores thrive with locally and commercially made wands, as well as costume party stores?

The Wand creates. In the RHP HOGD world, it is the wand, the whip, the thrice yod lit hand tool. A question remains, why the metal rod through it and charged by a battery? What can that accomplish that mideievil grimoires could not?

Why the emphasis on no tools for that matter, in light of modern and ancient grimoires. What’s used for fire work?

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It depends on the type of wand.

Personally, I think every magician should have a blasting rod on hand for those troublesome and recalcitrant spirits because you never know when you might need to slap a bitch.


My opinion:
That way you create, and invest yourself in the personal legend of the object.

Within whatever parameters that entails. (Alignment to the current/spirit/deity or work you wish to do with it).

Popular culture and the collective consciousness.

Wands are very romanticized, and one of the hallmarks of sorcery or witchcraft in many people’s minds.

I’m not familiar with this prerequisite.

But I suppose by doing so you’re trying to increase or ramp up the conduction of energy in the wand.

Kinda like how people stick various crystals on them.

Often times you see them wrapped with copper wire too.

As an aside, it’s interesting to consider the use of sticks in fire starting and how that might play a part in the wands association with fire.

Isn’t fire one of the very things that has advanced civilization and life?


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Also, how many of you use in the rough (ie not even stripping bark) wand and staffs, or do you sand them before painting? I feel keeping the bark keeps its essence a bit stronger in theory; and how many of you do all the same with a staff as opposed to a wand? How can a staff and wand differ in function?

In terms of wands certain shapes, geometry and materials can focus and amplify different types of energy. Wands are an easy and simple way of doing this with no extra mental resources used to perform the amplification. Metal such as copper is particularly good at channeling and amplifying all kinds of energy. It is something like an antenna to send out a signal. Staffs are just bigger wands with more room to install various modifications and the ability to hit a bitch physically if needed.


The wand is one of the main magical weapons which are 4, to keep up with significant numbers (e.g. 3 or, in this case, the 4 elements), I don’t remember if corresponding with air or fire.
There are also a traditional and a scientific magick which tries to recover a magick so ancient to the point of possibly being the original form, practiced by some stellar civilization; this one would tend to “have” a wand with that metal rod through it (and the wand itself could even be made of glass or transparent plastic).

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In my experience, the act of creating the wand is a way of building up the magick before the ritual. Having tools is not necessary, but it’s a tool. It can be an especially powerful tool, too, if it helps the magician focus the energy more specifically.

I personally like wands. I have several for different uses. I’ll need to post some photos of my tools at some point, but my favorites are the ones I spent the most time in creating. When made with focus and strong intent, they can certainly add to one’s power during the operation.

But no, not “needed.” Just fun and useful.


Hi Mornaug,

I found your comments on wands most interesting. I would definitely be interested in seeing your wands and learn in what situations you use each.

Almond wood seems to be a popular wood for wands. Are you aware of any reason for the popularity of almond wood?

The wand represents the element of fire. I purchased a simply pagan wand and then infused it with the element of fire I accumulated during ritual. What attracted me to the wand in the first place was when I read it was used for healing. Fire element has been used for healing so it make sense if through training and practice the wand can be used to direct the energy directly to the ill organ.