Wanderer's workings with the wanderer of the wastelands(Belial)

Disclaimer: my reason for making this thread is to keep myself from getting lazy and stay on track.

When I first heard of Belial I read he is harsh and figured I’d stay away from him. Eventually I found my testicles and approached him to pass through the gate.

So here are my current experiences with him-

9/30 he comes to me in a dream in human form. Only remember that he doesn’t give a fuck.

10/18 evocation of Belial to get money for the compendium of Belial. Felt presence before evocation. Got to rapture and couldn’t hold it for more than a few seconds. No substantial contact. Stated my request and gave liscence to depart. Felt like blanket lifted off the room.

10/19 dreamed vividly that I awakened and set loose Belial. He effortlessly levitated me quickly and carelessly like a ragdoll. Was walking and flying upside down quickly and easily knocking things (and people) over. His energy was intense, dark and heavy. Honestly it felt evil.

Now it starts to get interesting.

11/9 was in school, spontaneously decided to walk to nearby forest and invoke Belial. Told him honestly I have no idea what I’m doing but will keep doing it anyway. Said I’d sacrifice a bad habit/addiction of mine to start. Said whether I’m ready or not do whatever it takes to get me through the gate promised to stay dedicated. Think I heard him say “become Belial the lawless one.” Asked how said “Break the law”. I exited the forest (private property 1st law broken). I made sure to jaywalk across a busy street (broken law #2). Made a mental note next time I walk dogs not to pick up their shit. (Broken law#3). Stole/picked some flowers from outside some gardening center as a gift for one of my familiars/companions. (Broken law#4). Took 1 puff of weed(broken law#5). Felt kinda like a douche, not sure if that was what Belial had in mind. Honestly would’ve done most of it anyway.

11/10 in shower absentmindedly thinking of Belial when I got the urge to do a a blind sight ritual with him. Felt his presence HOT intense kind of scary. And primal. Hazily saw him red with curled horns tall and muscular. He showed me how he got me the opportunity to get all the money (only took 2/3 of opportunity) by a temporary job where I was able to just say I did work but actually smoked weed with friends and collected a paycheck (broken law x2). Heard him say “I’m going to fuck you”. Asked him to clarify he laughed. Asked him to place seed of darkness in me like he did koetting. Heard him say he did think I felt something. After I felt him enter my body and I started coughing and involuntary wiggling like a snake on the floor. Then he left and it’s like a blanket was lifted off the room. Stayed on floor at least 10 minutes feeling amazing. Like a piece of Belial is inside me, empowering me, while waves of Bliss went up my spine. Later was reading in compendium how all that’s required is to surrender to them to bring them into this reality. Felt Belial’s presence saying Yes.

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11/11 3am mirror gate like ritual w/ Belial. Called out to him using his enn and spontaneously invented chant “Belial, Beliol, Belias, Beliar.” For few seconds could see him in the scryng mirror, red with curled horns, but i couldn’t hold the focus. Asked what will happen after working with all 9 gatekeepers think he said “you will become a god.” Hard to hear his voice in general. Told him since all I need to do is surrender to him to posses me again. Felt him enter me not as intense, humped the ground and wiggled like a snake again, couldn’t hold that for more than 15 or so seconds. Seemed like i was trying to melt into the ground. he entered me twice. Asked when should I move to Amaymon, he said “when your ready.” Though not as energizing as yesterday, still energized from it and very clearheaded. I stopped at exactly 3:33 am.

11/12 I decided to bring his sigil with me today. I could feel his energy emanating from the sigil and into me. While walking back at night I passed a church with a cross in back. I think Belial put the suggestion in my head to piss on it and I did while whispering “Iaus Belial”. After I felt his presence with me even stronger and clearer as I was walking. Went to woods called out to him and offered blood on his sigil. Did the following ritual to him -https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/ritual-to-belial/.

I invited him to possess me and once again started humping the ground and trying to merge with it. Every time I call on Belial I find myself on the floor. Possession was less intense than yesterday and lasted only a few seconds. Couldn’t hear anything. After, while walking back I felt that the Belial presence inside me has grown. Also, I have had a lot of physical energy these last few days despite a lack of sleep.

11/13 I think he wanted me to steal something but i didn’t do it because there were cameras. At the witching hour did Asenath Mason’s invocation of Belial from the compendium. Felt his presence and put blood on his sigil. After reciting words felt his presence enter me but almost no thrashing this time, though still ended up on the floor. Saw a seven pointed star and a vision of a desert and Belial in human form.

11/16 Edgar Kerval’s invocation of deific masks of Belial. Got into trance and felt presence, didn’t feel like Belial normally does, felt dragon/serpent/Belial? enter me. Overall this ritual was empowering, though difficult to follow and understand. I did not follow it perfectly. It said to get blood from my left finger (wtf?) didn’t specify which. Also the sigil wasn’t completely burned due to the smoke detector going off, meaning i also couldn’t leave the candle lit.

Almost every day for the last two weeks I have been performing the sphere working of nahemoth daily. I had some imagination journeys into it, and am getting an understanding of it.