Walpurgisnacht Plans?

I’m going to start my solitude devotional practices with my Patron. It’s also a full moon on that night I guess :thinking: Who has plans for this walpurgisnacht? Let’s hear them. :black_heart:


I am glad you asked. I scheduled off of work. I am going to build an interactive AI clone of Reika Kitami powered by Eris. I am going to ask what to do. I am feeling naughty and I want do something that I can feel is a bad idea just to pay my frustration forward.

Also I made a Bible Black section of personality database.

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That website is awesome!

As this developed out of pagan festival to welcome the Spring and encourage the fertility of the land, I go by the name Mayday but it’s also called Beltane, and celebrated on May 1.

It is believed that the celebrations originated in agricultural rituals intended to ensure fertility for crops, held by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Later developments included the Celtic festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night. Source

I’m kind of old fashioned. Traditions younger than 2000 years I view as highly suspect and largely having corrupted energy, and the xtian appropriation of pagan festivals is just disrespectful. Saint Walpurgis doesn’t interest me as a person at this time either.

Given the land is the important part, and the welcoming of Summer, this needs to be outside and under the sun. I will do a journey on Mayday to speak with various personifications of fertility, particularly Pan, who I have a longtime relationship with that it’s high time was renewed.