Walking the Left Hand Path: Four Harsh Spiritual Lessons

Hi folks. I thought this community would appreciate this video I made recently about LHP spirituality.

I’ve been having a great time talking to people on this site. This is such a great place to go for dialogue. I’m curious to hear what anyone here thinks of this presentation.


Quality content :zap::fire:

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I wouldn’t say these are LHP particularly, or “harsh”, but accurate.

  1. There is no [right] answer
  • There can be if you want, your answer is what you make it, isn’t it? Then then wanting more is fine… i would characterise that as a different question not the lack of an answer.
    “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” - Hamlet
  1. Ascent is never ending
  • Agreed, while I’m human anyway. When I’m not being human I call that evolution, for want of a better term.
  1. You must go beyond hope
  • Meaning, don’t hope - KNOW it’s working and it will. Yep. This is universal to subtle energy workings including RHP or white witchery. My qigong teachers taught me this 20 years ago in the context of energy working. to do otherwise means creating a counter working against yourself.
  1. You must integrate your darkness
  • Is this the same as saying ‘do your shadow work’? It’s not so much a source of power, it helps you not get in your own way, I would say.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I’m glad you took the time to offer your feedback.

Let me rephrase what I was saying. People want something more from transitory experiences than is ultimately in them. They spend a lot of energy trying to reconfigure elements of their experience, to move the furniture around in their apartment, thinking that will resolve something that is actually deeper than any particular state of affairs.

Most of the problems people work on, ranging from emotional issues, relationship issues, metaphysical issues, political, religious, etc – are pseudo-problems, either completely or partially. In analytic philosophy, a pseudo problem is predicated on faulty assumptions, it has no solution because the question itself is misconceived.

It’s certainly true that there “can be if you want,” but my argument is that will work better if you don’t make the mistake of seeking to resolve the more basic level of incompleteness, insufficiency, etc, that is part of embodiment and spatio-temporal existence.

Partially. Ant’harratu has been giving me a spiritual teaching he calls “coherence” which involves shadow work but takes it a step further. Shadow work is usually understood as understanding rejected parts of yourself so that you can heal the contradiction. One of the thoughts I was trying to get at, but should have said explicitly, is that magick can be more powerful if you have an unambiguous understanding of what your real motivations are, what the total matrix of belief and intention in your mind is. When you command the universe, you are not just speaking with your words, you are speaking with the totality of the condition of your being. If your being is coherent, the waveform will be clear and strong, so to speak. If it is incoherent, it will be scattered and weak. It’s in that sense that I think shadow work can be a foundation for greater power.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have some great points.

One thing I’d add is that when people really address 1 & 4, they can start to experience profound growth and go deeper than they might have thought possible. Most of us have been conditioned to follow societal norms (in most areas) so we often automatically emotionally react from programming versus our true desires and intentions. When we can discover what they really are, we can level up dramatically and experience more success in Magick.


A book I read and have since lost: The Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

It discusses within one of its chapters, this concept of, “shadow work”, based on Jungian Psychological Principles, but it never goes into the why. I have just connected the dots, so to speak, and now I understand the reasoning behind doing the “shadow work”. I love knowing the why of what we do, but it is not always easy to find, and that one was not of enough importance, being results oriented, for me to investigate with any effort, since the doing created the results.


I agree. I think it is very powerful to realize how many of the programs running in your mind are installed from other people and systems. Even some of the components of the programs that you developed yourself are stitched in from other such programs. I think psychoanalysis calls this “interpolation” and it refers to integrating the values of parents and society. But thinking of it like semi-autonomous, self-executing, self-propagating software, in some cases malware, can be helpful.


Good thinking.

In a sense shadow work is the key to understanding “why,” because the real “why” is often something excluded from surface level consciousness. To not know the real why is to be cut off from freedom, because you are sort of enslaved to internal patterns that you are oblivious too. It is thus also to cut yourself off from power, because you aren’t drawing on the totality of your being.


Good point. “Malware” is an excellent way to think about it. If not uprooted, it can slowly invaded every part of our psyche and determine how we respond.