Walking Bulwark

I’m not a people person. No hiding that. The problem seems to be ppl outside of me can not see or feel that “fuck off” vibe I tend to exaggeratively wear…It wasn’t always exaggerated, but closeness and close proximity to other humans beyond my personally rigidly established circle, in this time of Sars-cov-2 has gone from a major irritant to a death sentence.

I’ve no intention of making this about covid, a thread exists for that. I NEVER liked anyone getting near me before this debacle. To this point, I could only curse ppl who deliberately violate my order of space because their breathe is a weapon, masked or not. Any who have the willingness to ignore my personal well being despite what they may or may not beleive about the virus or facts, are partaking in an act of malice, and are quite probably also putting others at risk…Cursing every fucking day is exhausting, and the wear is felt. This is not a solution, its a reaction, and I don’t go out for fun either. One cant go from walking 10 miles a day to just sitting at home…

The probelm is not a defense against covid. Were it several years ago, I’d be making this same topic were I as lucid as I am this year. The problem is getting ppl to fuck off without having to become hideous or impede upon what Im told are good looks, or having to completely ignore personal hygiene…because smelling horrible ain’t my thing.

Is there a way to create an oppressive atmosphere that hovers about and stays about one’s self in such a manner, that even animals grow terrified , let alone humans. The desire is to induce the nausea and crushing atmosphere one gets through a really good demonic manifestation…

I literally want to weqaponize my aura in such a manner that NO ONE comes near me out of an unconscious fright triggered by their instincts…When I was a child, i was naive in not realizing just how stupid, numb, disconnected humans are from their instinct of FEAR!

This has to be something sustainable I dont have to think much about, so my attention can be devoted to the usual defensiveness and walking…Again, never mind the virus, I never wanted humans in my presence for what seems like decades…Apparently I am inept at trying to create such a thing in all the years of on and off practice, so there may be something i am missing…

Human repellent, best I can think of is the oppressive presence…but am open to other ideas…I need to ask if it can even be done first…failed hundreds of times to that aim due to other things i wont go into …

Who or what can be used (not jokingly) to keep humans …20 feet away…to hell with 6?

I am sure that there is a way to bend glamour magick enough to make people stay away :woman_shrugging:t2: If people can be tricked into liking one while using it the opposite shouldn’t be a problem, either. Its probably just not well documented because everybody and his aunt wants to be liked

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What I do know is no amount of negative energy or projected hostile intent seems registered by ppl at all and this baffles me.

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maybe you can try to copy the energetic signature of people who are alone all the time, involuntarily. You know, these really unlikeable beings. There must be something to them that makes people stay away from them or fucking right off after a very short period of time without even KNOWING them deeply. I think we ALL know one or two of these people personally somehow. You just don’t WANT to be around them because they have something annoying. Something sticky. Yuck.
You know what I am referring to. Just look out for someone who is THAT kind of person. Try to get a clear idea of the energy that is surrounding them. Maybe it looks weird. Maybe it feels not good or it smells or sounds like something you don’t want to deal with. If you have figured out what the awful “ingredient” in this signature is: copy and paste it. Imagine this repulsive piece of self pity and arrogance and bad taste in socks as your very energetic “coat”. Et voila. You’ve turned successfully into Jerry, that one weird dude from accounting who lives alone with his mother for a bit too long already and who likes to wear brown corduroy pants unironically. Congratulations.

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You dont want to be around them…to me that’s everyone…I feel that repulsion towards everyone save for a literal handful… I’ve never encountered someone who had something about them unless they were homeless and stunk, were drug addicted and were begging ppl shamelessly for money…and then theres the hood assholes who look like they got out of prison who act as though they are sizing u up, and its better to avoid them because i wouldnt wanna be arrested for assault…(that does nothing because I’ve tried comingg off that way…no one takes me seriously and it doesn’t keep the average person away…even gotten away with physically attacking ppl in the past because they were too close…I postured, made noise…it was as if they were drawn in and its irritating…nothing short of a physical attack did work, which they didnt see coming…the point is not to have to posture or attack or vocalize…so trying to copy the “gangsta-dont fuck with me ill kill u” signature really doesnt work)
I never saw someone who looked like a regular person who was alone all the time, and no one wanted to be near them…unless it was for something physically observable that cause unease such as a deformity, or the person being a known criminal, or clearly psychotic…Have tried to come across mentally unstable…its like ppl are blind to it…