Walk in the devil's way

Just question me even if you don’t believe me I’ll forgive you…

The tree where Adam and Eve ate apples was the tree of Wisdom… Buddha shows us that learning is prohibited in religions.

Satan created man Allah slandered him and made people bad, Yahweh eloha allah are gods who feed on negative energy.

The slanders against the devil in the Quran.

Yawning is from the devil
(buhari edep 16)

Eating with the left hand is from the devil
(buhari vüdü 9)

What about left-handed people😂

That gadreeldi led the air off the road and taught the swords all the deadly weapons to the human son
(enochian book)

God slandered the devil, slandered it and brought three shitty religions why did Mary fuck it?Why did Mary mother fuck?

The true power that created the universe SATAN.
She has created helpers, in these, the demons are with her from time immemorial, there are other beings, marduk set, etc.

According to my belief, God opposed the devil, sent false religions and diverted people.

SATAN goodness is the god of Wisdom.

The main reason I think about this idea is. Heavenly religions scare us with hellfire torment,
If a god frightens us so much she feeds on fear.


SATAN SHE MADE THE DEMONS BECAUSE EVERY HUMAN BEİNG İS A GOD, Demons are real beings that will take us to rise. Don’t you think it’s perfect?

Demons help us to overcome problems in our lives They help us find the God within, Whether you’re a fully dependent Muslim or a Christian who doesn’t leave the church, Demons do not separate and help the caller to help teach their purpose,But if you invite an angel and you aren’t religious they will probably give you bad days.

Who is real now and who should be feared?

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Penamuel: taught people to write with ink and paper so many of them were in a sin. People were not created to learn.
(enocch 68,9)

Lucifer is not satan…

ive worked with Archangels they saved my life

but honestly this post to me feels ignorant

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Really? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil.


Azazel taught men to use weapons, according to the Book of Enoch.

Again, nope. That’s Satanist hogwash.

Technically speaking, God created the devil.

Only Christianity and Islam have this. Judaism does not. They have the concept of Gehinom, which is akin to deep shame and guilt over ones’s misdeeds and stepping away from the path of God. It later became an equivalent to Purgatory, where most souls go upon death to work out their hang ups before going on to Heaven, but there is no torment or torture there.

As do angels. And gods. And elementals. And Fae. And…

See above.

Again, nope. I’ve never been religious, and I work with angels all the time and they have never given me “bad days.” Ever.

I think you forget that every religion ever created has an idea similar to “sin,” which is nothing more than going against the rules set down by the god for its followers. Disobeying Zeus, in ancient Greece, for example, was punishable, and Greek mythology is full of stories about humans being punished for overstepping. Even Satanism has its own rules and tenants for its followers.


lucifer and devil separate beings, This is my ultimate thought in the end you may disagree, But I’ve seen a lot of people hurt by the archangel,

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I wrote down my sources and thoughts, Purgatory is thin line in Islam and those who walk in the path of Satan will be punished.

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yes thats possible

what the hell was the point of this post lol

are you with Allah? Yahweh? Satan? Lucifer? I dont understand

I’m trying to find the real way for me, my friend, did you understand? I found the sources. I told you my thoughts.

But I don’t want to stand in nobody’s way, religion is thin A line and I never want to get past here

I’m learning I wonder and ask you how much is real, Paimon told me stop learning

Isn’t it funny how Satanists just eschew one religion for another? They always bash Christianity, Islam and Judaism for their beliefs in one God, but then they turn around and take a character from those religions, one actually created by them (Historically speaking, the figure of Satan didn’t exist in mythology until Christians created him by their misunderstanding of the Hebrew concept of the satans, which were angels whose job was to try to prove to God that some souls didn’t belong in Heaven) and put him in the place of God, and then act like he is somehow separate from the religions he came from.


they do this all the time lol


Yes, they do :joy:

Even the anti-Semitic Joy of Satan like to ignore the historical fact that their “god” is really a creation of Christians, and is based on the misinterpretation of Judaic, aka Jewish, mythology. lol


anti semites? is that a nazi website?


Yes, it is. They are very heavy into the anti-Semitic, Jewish conspiracy, stuff. They’re also a cult, built around their supposedly prophetic High Priestess.

Which I have always found hilariously ironic given the historical roots of the “god” they worship.


the bible even refers to the Synagouge of Satan

whoopsie daisy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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  1. It’s the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

  2. Religious texts from any of the Abrahamic religions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Humans came from evolution. Even officials from the Catholic Church acknowledge this.

That’s more humanity’s fault, if anything.

Yeah, these entities like praise and offerings, but in the end, humans are usually the ones who decide to form cults around them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan had demons that served him, especially those he created, but I think it’s safe to say that a lot of demons were not only NOT created by Satan, but also don’t serve him.

For instance, Belial, who operates under his own agenda and serves no one but himself.

This a load of horseshit. Angels don’t care about a person’s religious beliefs. Tons of Satanist and Luciferians work with them without issue.

The idea that you must be part of a religious organization to work with a certain entity or they’ll ruin your life is completely absurd, if not downright manipulative.


Well that’s a relief.

I fear rambling posts that have little relation between paragraphs. Or even with sentences in the same paragraph.

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Ever heard of Symbolism?..