Waking Up


In “Frabato the Magician”, Franz Bardon performs a spell so that he feels like he has had a full night of sleep, even though he had very little. Does anyone know how this is done? I am getting sick of energy drinks every morning.


For me the practice of yoga nidra has been very helpful.
Especially when I had to go to the university in the morning until late afternoon and then at work until early morning and then back to the university, it was all I needed to get me going.
I haven’t found any other meditation methods to be this helpful though, and I’ve tried many… Or maybe they just weren’t working for me, I don’t know…


As far as I understand it, you need to be generally well-rested to start off with, in order to get that feeling you speak of.


Ok. I know this is not a magickal method but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.http://abcnews.go.com/Health/provigil-secret-success/story?id=16788001

I can sometimes stay up for two days without crashing. It’s like drinking super espresso. Can’t explain it but sometimes I miss sleeping so I don’t take em. Check it out for yourself.


@Zukara…I am on this medication…In fact, I am waiting on my refill and feel exhausted right now without the pills…I use it for working third shift…They work very well…


I own this cd http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0972471901/
among others for yoga nidra but I think that this one is far better than the rest I’ve listened to so far. It is a guided meditation and with it I’ve learned to practice yoga nidra and now I’m able to go into that deep sleep state (the relaxation state) pretty fast.

You can also visit this page here http://www.swamij.com/yoga-nidra.htm#companion
which was actually the first thing I’ve read about yoga nidra.
I haven’t been able to find a decent book on this subject yet…


I heard provigil is prescribed for narcolepsy. Narcolepsy has you feeling like you havent slept for days not too long after waking up in the morning. And if somehow I do get no sleep my body goes into this trance like state and its like my mind is sleeping but im going in an out of wakeness. And even if its only for 5-15 minutes it makes such a difference and I feel more energized.

I just got back on adderall and lexapro when school started and it takes a while to get used to so I was awake for like 2 days and my body felt so tired and sleepy but the adderall kept me up. So on the 15 minute bus ride to school I managed to be in that half awake deep state and I felt refreshed.


@NarcolepticDream, it is also prescribed for narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder…It is a central nervous system stimulant…


I read through three books, worked 2 eight hour shifts, and painted both of my bathrooms. Yeah I’ll say this is fantastic, but I use it sparingly.


Third shift, huh. You really are a vampire.


@Zukara…Wow, you definitely got a lot done :slight_smile: I stayed off of it for like 4 months and just started back up again a few weeks ago…If I use it during “normal” living hours, I get that same result…Using it for the night time and then trying to live a normal day time existence, my body is like a zombie(I only sleep about 4 hours a day), and my mind is still 100% at peak…Yes, 5 years on 3rd now…Yes, I really am a vampire…reincarnated that is :wink:


Darkness, I remember reading that as well and have wondered the same thing. I don’t know how he does it, but I’ll tell you what has worked for me. I have charged my office with a bubble of energy, I programmed it to increase in energy daily, to keep me awake, productive, plastic, and several other properties. That alone works extremely well as long as you make it thick enough from the start. Since I have begun exercising for 10 min in the morning, and 20 minutes in the evening it has helped quite a lot. I’ve also been doing extreme auto-suggestions for this and health. I repeat the suggestion 80 times in the morning right as I awake, 80 times when I get to work, 80 times at lunch, and 80 times as I’m falling asleep. I’ve put a permanent barrier around my bed as well as a room impregnation to keep all unfavorable influences out and allow a deep, restful and healing sleep.
I know it sounds like a lot to bite, but I have been more productive and full of energy and more focused since I’ve started this than I ever was with even adderall. Though, I can’t speak for provigil.
I also do 10 minutes of energy work before bed, 5 minutes when I wake up, and about 30 minutes (secretly) at my desk when I get to work.
I include other suggestions and benefits in the energy charging and auto suggestions as well. That would be a lot of work if it was just for staying awake. So I’ve included several things I desire in myself and my work and it, so far, has been more than worth it.


A question. Do you phrase your suggestions with “I”, or “you” as you are speaking to the subconscious?


I use “I”, and always in a positive sense. Like, instead of, “I’m not tired” or “I don’t smoke”, I would say, “I’m full of energy and feel great!” or "I am nicotine-free"
I also add as much of an imagination to it as I can too. So I’ll conjure an imagination of myself being full of energy and focus and working hard. How it feels, looks, sounds, etc.
It might take a bit to be able to rattle off 80 repetitions with deep imaginations at first, but it picks up speed the more you get used to it - for sure.


It always makes me a little sad inside when people talk about wishing they could avoid sleeping. I can totally understand wanting plenty of energy during your waking hours, but I would never trade my sleep time for a few more hours of waking life. Sleep is a separate reality and many many great things are accomplished there, spiritually and physiologically.

To me, wishing to not sleep is like wishing to be able to work weekends, holidays, vacation, and lots of extra overtime. You CAN do that, but why would you want to? If you can’t accomplish what you need to in your normal waking/working hours, you’re doing it wrong and need to change your strategy accordingly. Great things happen while at leisure.


Agreed. But I don’t think too many people actually want to not sleep. In fact, I would say the majority would love to sleep all they could, and the magician would love to sleep and perfect the dream state. Sadly, in todays world, it’s nearly impossible to have that luxury. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to live a decent life without having to skip sleep. :frowning:
Perhaps this is something to look into and work on. Mastering the dream state is by far, one of the most intriguing, and probably one of the more powerful methods to astral/mental development.
oh, now you made me sad… :stuck_out_tongue: