Waking up with with a terrible headache

Yesterday I called on lucifer since I had the strong feeling that he wants me to work with me. I asked him to help me develop my astral senses and to a guide in my path. I thought he wanted to show me something, so I grabbed a black mirror and tried to scry into it but I could not see anything after trying for some time, so I tried seeing what he wants to show me in the flame of the candle, but my eyes just got irritated after some time, so I told him I’m unable to see what he wannts to show me and he should visit me in my dreams and show it to me there. That night I awoke with a terrible headache wich almost felt like it was pulsating, but I couldn’t remeber what I dreamt before I awoke. After trying to get back to sleep I managed to loose conciousness after some time. I don’t remember what excatly I dreamt then, but just before I awoke I saw a car driving down a street and the moment it honked I awoke by my alarm.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.(I apologize for any typos I may have made, for I’m typing this hastily on my phone)

When you contact Lucifer you may get a headache for the first few times after working with him. It’s almost like an energetic hangover. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it and they’ll go away. The only other time this happens to me when I’m working with another powerful spirit for the first time or if Lucifer exposes me to a new level of his power.

As for the dreams that you can’t remember, I’ve had that too. In fact, I get dreams where it’s just a hodgepodge of information smashed together. Only later do you start unpacking that info. In other words, the things that are seemingly “unintelligible” will become clear over time. Usually comes in the form of “spontaneous” gnosis that will clearly relate to your work with Lucifer.

Lucifer, speaks very easily through telepathy. And will also use signs, symbols, and synchronicities to get a message to you. So be open and he’ll speak.


Thank you for your help, I will try to be open to as I can.

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