Waking up to someone calling your name when they aren't home?

Alright so this one is a bit of a general question but the community here is so vast in culture and belief that I wanted to ask you guys anyway, even though I’m sure this is probably just a weird case of sleep paralysis or something similar. So, basically, as a kid I’d wake up to my name being called - more mentally than auditory, but it felt auditory (if that makes sense?).

As a kid it would usually be a friend or a parent, but that parent would be asleep or at work, and that friend wouldn’t be anywhere near me. It wouldn’t happen during a sleep paralysis either, it would either interrupt a dream and wake me up or just shake me out of the depths of one of those dreamless sleeps altogether without causing the feeling or sensations that normal sleep paralysis tends to cause.

As I got older this got less and less common for me, but tonight I experienced it again for the first time in quite awhile. I woke up to someone I knew was at work calling out my nickname in a questioning, “You’re in trouble” kind of tone. Wondering why he was home so early I waited for him to come out of his room, only to find out during a much needed bathroom break that he wasn’t even home to begin with.

I wondered what this might mean to you guys, and if you think there’s any spiritual link attached to an otherwise abnormal but plain phenomenon throughout my life. Thanks for reading!


Not everything is spiritual, and this is quite common, really.

Found this blog that explains it fully: https://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/hearing-your-name-called/

Basically, your brain can replay sounds and voices. For example, hearing the phone ring that much you start to hear it when it isn’t even ringing.


This makes sense, but it’s not like I hear the person say my nickname in that way enough to lodge itself in my brain in the same way one might hear a work phone ringing nonstop.

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Doesn’t have to be many times, your brain’s probably held onto a time when someone did use your nickname.

Imo I would only class it as spiritual if other signals appear before or after the occurence


maybe that person was thinking about you at the time. That’s just my assumption. :slight_smile:

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Personally… I don’t trust “angel” sites that are all commercial… but that’s for another topic to discuss.

This has happened to me too sometimes. But only, once I got conciously involved with the spiritual, not once before.

Afaik, there are two reasons for this:

  1. A spirit tries to communicate with you or let you know, that they are there. The most intense of such one was, I heard my name and thought at that time “whatever” and paid no attention. Closed eyes to sleep again. Then, it says my name again and my head is crazily vibrating as the spirit “relays” this to me, and this time it sounded as if the name would come through a radio transmitter. It was clear, this was a spirit then to me. Since then, I don’t dismiss it easily.

  2. There’s a reason you should wake up and you’re being called, so you wake up. One good reason could be, that there is some danger around, which can be prevented if you wake up. The danger could be also of the spiritual nature. When you wake up in such a way, try to sense if anything feels malicious or odd, and do a banishing. It could be your Higher Self which called you.


Oh that happened more often to me! Ill be in the middle of my dreams or projecting and all of a sudden would feel someone’s breath in my ears saying my name over and over again! But usually I wouldn’t recognise the voice! I can’t even tell what gender! If I ignore it they will start screaming for me to wake up… i wake up hyperventilating almost everytime they screamed!

There are other occasions where I heard someone calling my name! It happens when I get up the stairs! For some reasons stairs trigger this phenomena for me ever since childhood! It made sense when I heard that stairs are gateways!

:woman_shrugging: idk what is it other than it needs your attention at that moment in time!

This reminds me of another interesting occurence. Not directly connected to the topic, but indirectly in that regard, helpful to see, that and how our higher self may watch over us and help us.

Once, when an entity with a malicious intent visited while I got awake in my sleeping body, I didn’t recognize there’s danger. I let it approach, probably out from curiosity, until it would suddenly act hostile. As it is to attack me, I start hearing prayers and the entity flees. I wondered, where this came from and who that was… if it were maybe an angel. Some time later I got my answer through something else that happened and I could connect to it (I don’t recall how anymore), that the protective prayer was coming from no other than my higher self, something I didn’t had considered at all.


Thought i was the only one experiencing this! this would happen to me on the regular. especially when im about to fall asleep or in the state of being awake and falling asleep. I’d this voice in my own voice calling me sometime being as drowsy as you are I’d respond with “yes?” but don’t hear nothing after that. i really thought i was the only one but now i know lol.

Just to add for some odd reason this voice likes to call me on my second name lol.

The replies in the thread are very helpful :slight_smile: