Waking up to creepy crawlies

.< Made a little rookie mistake… I laid a powerful curse in my bedroom (only option, cant go out at night). Not gonna say on who or who I called, but basically I lost control of the trance and ended up falling asleep, leaving their sigil open and all of the tools exposed (I wrap them in foil when finished, to use later)

And when I wake up… there is thise HUGE ass spider on my wall… and the only time one that big has appeared like that before was when I did cursing…

Being the screaming banshee that I am, I had a rage fit, sprayed out the place and plan to do heavy cleaning when I get home.

Anyone else ever get weird bugs appear more often when doing stuff like that?

Also is it… something to really be concerned about or are the demons just doing that for shits and giggles? >__>

I’ve had things like that happen, I think you need to do or get a reading on whether this was serious or just like a small spillover?

You loathe the spiders now, but when you wake up with a beetle in your ear canal…you’ll welcome them in with open arms.

A bit late to chime in here but I have had millipedes/centipedes/beetles/ants all come to me in rituals. This is odd because I never see them outside of those times. If I am feeling devilish I will burn them on the coals, as I perceive them as offering themselves to me.

Sort of like the hellhounds who EA references as being attracted to his outdoors rituals I suppose.

I can totally respect and understand what you’re doing, and even support it. People eating soft fruit repulses my sins. Goddamn fruit eaters.

I did similar things to that when I was younger, a friend of mine heavily discourages it (Especially to the smallest of creatures) so considering I have few feelings on it, I empathize with him so I don’t have to think about it.
I have been attacked by crane flies (somehow they are associated with Hekate)

I have “Caught” spirits being naughty, they immediately disguised themselves as an innocent fly.

I have seen Belial as a beetle, whose company makes room for him as they feed on cake.

I think in the book Queen of Hell there is regard to ants being the workers from below.

Bugs. reminds me, I am RARELY given higher council (people just LOVE to hate me) but when a secret bleeds, its bleeding.
Does anyone know if there are any tarot decks with their symbols being BUGS?

I had some sorta flying astral thing on me when I was doing something with Paimon. I didn’t mind though.