Waking up at 3:33? Help

So basically… I was dreaming about demons.

Only the dream was set where??

in my bed in exactly the same position I’m in rn… Himalayan salt lamp on and darkness.

I was laying in my bed and recall hearing noises and taps and scratches and kept covering my head and popping it back up. It felt like a presence and I wasn’t sure what was going on.

It didn’t feel evil… I was a little worried but I didn’t feel frightened for my life. If anything I was more taken back.

Anyways… last thing I recall coming to mind before the dream changed to a different scenario was dantalion.

I remember laying in bed looking up and seeing sigils past by in front of me and the final one I saw was a sigil that I’d never seen before.

I heard a voice saying dantalion is one spirit who will get the job done fast and make things happen when the spell is done correctly.

Now despite the sigil wasn’t that of dantalions I felt intuitively that it was his and somehow felt like he had a hand to play in this.

He didn’t seem angry but I felt almost like the way the voice was bigging him up and telling me not to be afraid of him just trust him cause he’s the big daddy of making sh** happen I was like oh so it’s more of “here’s your guy” kinda dream.

I remember before going to sleep I was planning in doing a spell with him but felt to tired to do it so drifted off naturally. And then this dream occurs.

The strangest part is.

When I woke up to check the time I saw this…


Can anyone tell me what this means.

Do I need to do a cleanse or banishing?

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I believe the general consensus is that 333 and other multiples of 3 are the numbers of “spiritual guides”

Sounds like Dantalion might be one of your personal guides if you’re open to it.


That’s an interesting suggestion.

I’ve had multiple dreams about him in the past and none were really negative all kinda guiding me or pointing me to things.

This makes sense.

He’s also the first demon I ever felt comfortable enough working with and the only one that’s really stuck around.

Ah the good ole wake up numbers.
Last year I went through a phase for maybe five or six months when he numbers kept hitting me.
I would up at either 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 almost nightly, sometimes at more than one of these times every night.
They would work their way into my day too. Like something delays me slightly so I arrive wherever I’m going at 3:33 or 5:55 etc- happened a lot.
My computer would often do weird stuff like whatever I was working on would crash at 11:11pm.

Hasn’t happened much in a while, but it was a constant thing for quite some months.

The sigil thing you mentioned is interesting too. About four or five times earlier this year, I woke up to a sigil. Not always the same one. But the experience was the same each time- I would wake up suddenly, see a very bright sigil. Open my eyes and it would roll up and disappear. Close them and it would roll down again and be front of centre in vision. Open eyes, rolls up, close rolls down. Kind of like it was printed on the inside of one of my eyelids.
This would last for maybe a minute or so.
Didn’t recognise any of them.

I just kind of figured its one of those weird things that I’m getting kind of used to.

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3h33 means an upgrade on your energy, or your hologram body. It might be also a dream download that you get.