Waking mind hates magic?

Any of you ever reach a point where, as much as your waking mind begs for proof, your physical mind just never, ever accepts it? I can tell you after how many, dozens of tarot readings I still have periods of “how can cards be magical, its just pictures!” even after getting accurate stuff about people I never met!

Or the entire chakra system for that matter, I once had a bit of a third eye blow out (i kept seeing fractals and colors and even eating and sleeping didnt ground me) after a botched reiki session, and to this day my mind sometimes drifts and thinks its just a screwed up dream

It doesnt actually interefer in my magic work, because once i get into a trance that all vanishes and its like i “remember” my real state but… anyone else get that as well and just find it so… odd?

Yes! :wink:

One of the reasons I take detailed notes is that, to this day, part of my mind wants to pretend this stuff didn’t really happen - say when I get told something and 2 weeks later it actually happens. I think it’s the natural tendency of the mind to try and normalise everything, make it fit the physical rules it worked so hard to figure out as a child, because it wants to feel like you have some idea wtf is going on.

Yes, this happens to me all the time too!

Dont have this issue. My issue is actually physical people ony life that constantly naysay and try to belittle my practice. Will all those voices nagging at me I dont have the time to question it myself, haha.