Wake up someone with magic

Hello everyone,

Im working on a project, A few weeks ago I pulled a tarot card so as “what need to happen to succeed in this project” and the card was 9 of swords, I couldn’t really do much with it because that’s not really a movement card, but tonight I had a dream literally me and my target of the project, and me waking up my targeted person.

And for some reason, this instantly connected me to the card as seeing it now “waking up”

So I’m asking you, how could you wake up someone , or someone’s higher self with magic. Or any ideas welcomed

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There are magical awakening rituals, and these rituals for hire on the BALG mainsite

I usually do my own magic, also a ritual like this, isn’t for yourself? I mean it sounds kinda weird for instance if you wanna curse someone, you perform a magical awakening ritual for them

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You could try asking angel Raziel / Arzel to awaken them. No idea what would happen but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

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You don’t really need to wake up someone’s higher self, but I assume you are trying to get this person involved in magick?

I don’t really mean to awaken them, I just shared what my tarot and my dream made me to think.

Awake them could be a symbol of something I can’t get what for

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Im assuming awakening as in magical awakening.

Bbbuuutttt… what about waking them up from like, sleep? Is that magically possible? If so how?

Like if i can see someone is sleeping via astral projection and i want them to wake up. What’s the best method?