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I am curious, how long do you give the results of a ritual to manifest, before deciding the ritual was a failure? I have read about the Rule of Three: 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, but am wondering about how to decide when the ritual has failed. I assume, for long term goals, the time for manifestation would be considerably longer than, say a ritual to bring money, so how long do you wait for a short term goal?

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I think it really goes on a case by case basis. I have see results manifest the same day or day after a working, and I’ve seen it take about a month before it all came together. As far as if it has failed sometimes I know by the time the ritual is complete. If everything clicks I feel it, I feel that power I’m working with and it gives my confidence that this will succeed a huge boost. If it doesn’t feel right I usually expect no results and start planning the next ritual or I may get some watered down results or none at all. I don’t throw deadlines into my general magick practice, if I’m working a tight deadline I just incorporate many different magickal styles nearly daily. For example If I need $300 by next week I’d perform a general conjure/hoodoo spell for money which would be continued for a certain umber if days, create and open a personalized sigil willing the amount to manifest and the open the sigil of an entity to help. The biggest thing I’d do is get my ass out and try to make the money myself. I’m pretty certain your putting out an extra kind of energy that the universe picks up on when your willing to work for the goals yourself instead of just sitting on the couch waiting for the $300 to fall in your lap.

I’m pretty sure even a Mage as powerful as E.A. Has busted his ass to get where he is today. He may have had help from some powerful allies but they recognized his strength of will to become a success as well.

Well you have to remember one of the basic principles EA taught(my apologies if you didn’t know or work through EA’s books. I’m not trying to discredit your knowledge or experience.) Which was to distance yourself emotionally, psychologically, and physically from the desire and ritual itself afterwards. So basically by waiting for results, your putting pressure on the systems at work and basically sabotaging your own handi-work. This is why EA puts emphasis on returning to normal consciousness after a ritual. Make a sandwhich, go for a run, excersize, have sex. Lol. Anything that can take your mind away from what you just did and forget. Depending on how deeply into Theta you went, doing this will even make the ritual seem dreamlike or far away, making it easier to forget about the desire. This was reinforced to me by Dante, telling me that in order to make these changes you have to “push” and “force” those Desirea out of you during ritual to the point where you pretty much DONT CARE about it. Which is something I’m still grasping with. Lol. I understand that it’s VERY difficult(at least for me) to forget about something that I wanted badly enough to even perform a ritual for, but the better you get at it, the better the results. EA even said in one of his books that his desire was usually fulfilled the minute he completely forgot about it or the work he had done. Magick is almost like an Oxymoron. The harder you try and struggle and desire, the worse it usually ends up. That’s why, the more success you receive with each ritual compounds into the next because you start to realize that there’s nothing to worry or wait for so you don’t even think about it, which of course manifests it even faster. Waiting is pretty much a veiled form of slight doubt. Once you KNOW you already have what you ritualized, it will come to you quickly if not immediately. That’s not to say your ritual wont work which I’m sure it will, but as you wait on it you may be keeping it at bay. Hope that helps a bit. :smiley:

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I know what you mean about magick getting easier when you don’t worry about it. I have been in the planning process of how I will perform a ritual and had the results manifest before I can even perform it. I guess the planning period could be a ritual in itself that leaves you worry free because you technically haven’t done anything at that point to worry about.

jbtaylor hit the point right.

One thing every Magician should do is to meditate daily so being in the present moment and being mentally calm become a persistent habit.

In the New Magician Help we can find a topic by redcircle named “[Newbies] Where to get started? Start here!”. He recommend the reading of “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Despite everything you may think or imagine about the New-Age tone of this book I strongly recommend it to anyone, Magician or not. It’s very practical and helpful.