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Sitri Sigil And Invocation

invoked Sitri to get a certain dude to like me back (the person in question and I have had chemistry for years but we’d grown distant) Sitri Basically made me feel shooketh to the max, offered to have sex in his name and the whole shebang in exchange
Beat The Hammer to his sigil and called it a night.


so…Sitri worked in the scariest way possible… the guy literally hates me but always looks at me when i’m around our mutual friend group…wdf and he literally pops up everywhere i go now

praise Sitri nonetheless

3/14/2019 sitri works…i asked him to make people aroused by me and i flirted with like 6 girls and got all of their info’s…idk what to say but wdf, PRAISE HIM/HER!

Nice going. :+1: Any ideas on what you’ll do next?

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i’ll continue working with sitri, he seems reliable, idk if i’ll evoke any other demons from here on out