Anyone versed in the subject of Vrilology…as in Maria Orsic Vril?

Interested talking about it over PM if not publically?


It has certain resemblance to Hermetics in the energy manipulation aspect but of a very specific range of energies and technique. Think mix of hermetics with orgone generators would be the easiest makeshift if you don’t want to tap into certain sources.

As to the controversy over Maria Orsic well there are only controversial answers to that which you may not like or others will want to get in on.


She is mentioned in a book about UFO’s by Michael Salla I’m reading at the moment, just like the Vril Society.
Is there a connection to virility and using the sexdrive as a source of power?

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This is a Vril alter I found online. They believe she is an Atlantean goddess? Or some weird alien goddess that gave the early 20th century germen chicks knowlegde to build ufos. They had to keep their hair long.

Vril came from this book.

It gets more crazy from here. Enjoy your Vril trip.



@Linuriel_Starborn if you like PM me and we’ll discuss the topic

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This site is number 1 in Vril stuff.




While trying to PM you, I realized, that I may actually not be able to PM yet as a new forum user. X_X

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Read about them while researching the topic, will immediately take a look at it.

That’s a really cool altar.
I’ve actually downloaded the Coming Race for study purposes, but being a lazy fuck, I never got around to actually read it.
Should probably do that as I am diving into this head first.

I don’t mind controversy, I follow the motto that “an academic mind should be able to entertain a thought without adopting it”.

What are these “certain sources”?

Like the Black Sun?

The book and thaf site are the 2 best info on Vril. The rest is stupid non-sense. I love the style of site with beautiful women with long hair downloading alien info to better mankind.

Vril is an energy source. It was my religion for like 5 years and I have been into for 15 years now. Its not something I normally talk about publicly.

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I understand, provided I can PM soon, I would love to hear about it from you, if you’d like to confide in me.

I am even willing to trade something I hold secret, in return for some insight.

Just went into the Causa-Nostra, just hit a tiny snag that might make it difficult extracting anything.
I don’t speak German. X_X

The black sun yes but perhaps under a different concept that normally portrayed. Think of it like dark matter and associated energy in a very specific pattern with normal vital force as an interface. At least that is how I interpret it. The particular techniques I know of would be very controversial from where I got them as well as what I believe happened to the greatest members of the Vril society and their origin. Might be a tad better to take it to PM’s.

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Mhm, just realized.
I can’t PM you, but can you PM me?