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If I cast a curse its usually to remove a problem, though even then its just as easy (or easier) to cripple someone or chase them out of town. If I want to punish someone it needs to be suffering, resulting in death and depending on the severity of their offense, maybe calling in a favor in the afterlife. I’ve done a curse with the intent of punishing once in my life

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Yes. Suffering seems to be effective. Death however is instant and you dont know if their suffering is still ongoing.
Ive seen a few movies that promote this: hellraiser, Lucifer Are just two off the top of my head
Id like for there to be progessive suffering where things get worse and death eludes the person.

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How about, when they die they think their free, but the torment just continues? I mean its possible to capture souls or have a powerful spirit torment them in the afterlive.

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Personally today. I am feeling a lot of pressure. Paranoia, confusion, hatred, and no direction. I dont know what to do or whom to summon,

Offering some free readings on the forum sometimes helps people when everything feels a bit meh. It’s not a widely accepted idea, especially among black magaicians, but I’ve found that doing something other masks of the All can help your own mask express itself more fully. :thinking:

Ive been doing this in my own ways. And ive tried to ask for scans before but to no avail

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I guess im going through a dark night of the soul. Which i am excited about in a way because once i have this all figured out i will be back with a ferocity to destroy nations and create my own inner sactums and nothing will stand in my way.

I couldnt be more excited to be stuck. I just wish i had it figured out about working my way through this part of my pathworking.

The need of things and their uses upsets me today. To be confined to such prisons of thought because The created made it so makes me both mad and enlightened considering i could rewrite how the world sees and uses most things Like time and death and casualty and perception.
I see that my relations with the Lwa are good and have been id hate to think about what would happen if they were upset or refused to help me.
I want to reach out to more of a broader family of Lwa perhaps the ghede, or the lenglensou im not sure, but since there is no hierarchy in voodoo im curious what spirits and to where i will be lead too.

Note to self. come to find out im not out of touch with my gifts still. But i am busy trying to rest. Must make time for sleep and hot pockets

Today. I am mad. Just for the simple fact of i can be and will , seeing the sheer shimmer of lower beings like imps and shadow people everywhere is really getting me angry.
What to do with it?. Im not really sure. Not all spirits and energies would be so likely to help you

So this leads me to think that what is around me in my city needs a good cleaning. Why not. A new project and a new spell to drain the shit from the sewers and into the next life.

I havent done any local baneful works perhaps its time to do just that.

My path is with lilith right now. For some reason the Lwa brought me to her, or she has been waiting for me to talk to her so this is where I am at. I asked for a succubus every night for 3 nights, I was specific to a point, I never thought I would say that I have a succubus again. I truly wonder what it would be like if I was to choose a succubus because evidently there are many around me.

So this is interesting I had a dream, about some extraterrestrial race who was with me. This is the night of me talking with my succubus
The dream had to do with a “shipment” that was being fought over between me and my family. My father being in the dream was pushed off planet while I stayed with the others and made plans. Then the dream switches over to a beach of some kind with two women and then back to me in a van while two women are up front and one following the van. Whilst I look outside the van as I see my father approaching the planet through some sort of slow moving force. I looked at the back window of the van and seen a women who was looking at me with love and desire, whilst the other two are in the front seat yelling at me because they are in the car with me and the third one is trying to get my attention.

I think this dream represents my relationship with my spirit wife. Because I had just made a serious promise to her the night before some hours before I woke up. . My promise was to have children if indeed the wife I desired showed herself to me in the likeness that I would recognize and desire. It sounds shallow but simultaneously I was working on my azeal chakra and sub chakras around my head and noticed touches and energies in my body and around my body.


So I was shown a new chakra from my succubus. The Talu chakra. Anyone have any serious knowledge about this chakra and its functions. I was shown it by my succubus

According to certain sources the talu chakra can only be experienced once the kundalini is awakened. So I think my serpent has risen fully

Source: https://www.insightstate.com/spirituality/lalana-chakra-talu-chakra/

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Came back to the spirits after a lengthy vacation. I called on Kalfu and he answered me. Much to my surprise it was an answer I did not want. I assume that they are waiting for me to ask them to do work for me but where to start again? Where I left off? In a new direction

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After a long fucking bid on nothing happening. And alot of fucked up excuses I’m finally back into the real shit of my.work making gris gris bags and calling down and working with LWA. I am very very very intrigued and very happy because I found my place with a certain family of Lwa, maybe even my met tet.

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Major props to @Qayos for helping me lately I have to give credit where it’s due, you know I’ll return the help anytime… Cant wait to help you on the 11th for your mercury retrograde ritual you have planned