Voodoo/Vodun/Hoodoo self initiation question

E. A. (or anyone else who knows anything about this topic), I have been intrigued by various Voodoo practices for years and it’s been recently that I realized I can actually do this stuff despite my race and way of life. I have repeatedly listened to and read your story about your initiation into Vodun. You said that Legba initiated you after you walked out into the desert (specifically the desert). My question, being someone who doesn’t live near a desert for miles and still hearing a call to these traditions, is that if you were to walk out into, for example, a forest or grass plain, will Legba still come when you preform the ritual? Can another Loa initiate you if he can’t come?

Yes you can go into the forest. Or a street with 4 corners. Or even a cross road. Legba has over 21 difrent paths. Some say 121. Find a place of comfort and get it done.