Voodoo Path Working Course

Anyone here go through the Voodoo pathworking course? What was your experience with it? Can you just work the loa/spirits when you want or are you stuck with them forever? Can you dip your toe in and see if its for you? If you the loa are with your forever do you have to keep feeding them or do what they want? If you do have to keep feeding them or doing what they want what do they ask for? It seems that with Voodoo the loa are the ones in charge and want to be worshipped do LHP magicians deal with that when they are supposed to be god and in charge? @Lady_Eva @E.A

Sorry for these questions I am completely ignorant on this topic and trying to better understand it.


You can work with them. But depending how deep your in, your life with be destroyed if you think your going to leave.

I’d suggest you meditate on this strictly for 7 day, then make a decision.

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The Orisha do not just let you play and walk away. That is not how they work. So if you are thinking of working with them like a hit and run, that is probably what you will feel like when you are done. (like you were the victim of a hit and run)

If you have a particular calling to work with them you will know it. But they are used to a certain way people treat and interact with them. They do demand sacrifice etc. They are very powerful. And believe me, I have worked with them and messed up and paid severely for it. A lesson I will not soon forget. This is just my own personal experience with them and I am not the spokesperson for the Loa. But I would not tread this path lightly and without a real self evaluation of what you are willing and capable of committing to. Self discipline is key to everything. Working with them sets up a more structured way of life. There are definite positives to taking this path but there is a cost as well.


This article I found online describes the way I look at it:

Lwa Met Tet

The importance of the “Master of the Head”

Everyone in the world has Lwa. The most significant of the Lwa that may walk with an individual is the Lwa Met Tet. Met Tet literally means Master of the Head. This is similar to what some would consider a Holy Guardian Angel. The Lwa Met Tet of an individual is that individual’s personal guardian. The identity of the Met Tet can be that of a Rada lwa, a Petro lwa, a Gede Lwa, or even a personal Djab the individual has with them.

Full article:

You already have a Lwa. I didn’t expect mine to be Damballa, but when he entered my crown and settled within, it felt natural.

Worshipping them, serving them… am I a servant to my body when I respect it needs movement and good nourishment?

Am I worshipping my mind like a slave when i journal, or sit down and run some problem-solving methods instead of giving in and letting life push me around?

Am I being somehow more in charge if my body needs to piss, and I refuse?

See what I’m getting at - we are as one with these aspects, our minds, our bodies, our emotions all need certain amounts of care, maintenance, we perform them for basic common sense and maybe even add things on, like working out, eating healthily, for optimal well-being.

Meditating isn’t worshipping your mind and therefore not being in charge - it enhances you.

Same with connection with the Lwa who is your Met Tet.

Can you dip your toe in - I don’t know, you’ll need someone who’s done the course to answer that. I don’t know what deals or arrangements E.A. made for the benefit of people doing the course.

My situation was that a fellow magician who works with unbconventional methods offered to initiate me by bringing my Lwa into me, and I accepted because my spirits all said to do it.

This is where having a method of divination you can rely upon will help you, or to get a reading done. :smiley:


What do you do to serve your Met Tet? You dont have to be specific to give away or anything. Does it require a sacrifice? What kinds of actions does it want?

I’m fascinated by this but EA says even reading his book the Spider and Green Butterfly can open the door. So trying to understand as much as I can without doing that is difficult.

Only through divination will you be able to know these things.

Start with Papa Legba. He will show you the path, he will show you the rest to where you need to go.

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Can Tarot be used to see if its a good path for you or do you need someone walking the path to do the divination for you?

Im currently still building trust. Within the voudan current specifically with legba. I have yet to ask him about my met tet

Anyone go through EA Voodoo video courses?

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If you read the spider and the green butterfly youd know voudan is not something to dabble in. Your IN or your not i resisted for months before initiating into the current and take it from me as someone whos worked with the most powerful goetic demons known. The voudan LOA SCARE ME i tread with such light precaution and reverance that i NOT DARE piss them off. They have made me scared while not even calling on them they have made themselves known to me quite well. I would say to go to the voudan path if your going to spend years in it. It is a path for the strong. Not to be taken lightly. I AM A VERY POWERFUL MAGICIAN AND THE LOA SCARE ME. As they should
But i am in the process of gaining trust. Im not nust going to jump into my met tet my first weeks in. That is more then unwise


You need to speak to a respectible Boko or Hungan if you want divination.

The path is powerful and it is not for the weak! Once your into with certain Lwa they will fuck you up if you neglect them!

I recommend starting out with the Rada division.

Don’t go into the others with out fully knowing what you are doing.

The Rada division is very strong but some of them are more forgiving than others.

Start with Legba and let him guide you and show you the way.

Not every Lwa will resonate with you. That goes for any division.


How did you guys initiate into this? Did you follow EA course or go to Haiti?

I haven’t explored this current but i can tell you,You don’t have to go to Haiti. I am currently exploring the path in Kurtis’s Black magic of ahriman which is Persian in origin but i am not Persian and have never been.

Been getting alot of synchronicity pointing towards exploring the runes and i personally have alot of interest in the magical systems of japan. Magick and the spirits involved tend to go beyond borders once introduced outside of them. The PEOPLE involved in limiting it to their borders would have you think other wise.

That said there is a possibility magic from certain systems MAY have a stronger effect in its place of origin or original energetic anchor point on this planet in this dimension but i have not explored this concept. Simply because i haven’t the time or funds to do so.

It would be an interesting experiment though.

If memory serves me right E.A stated that the Lwa are physical entities but from a different dimension, where as gnostic/grimore entities are Astral. Does anyone have any information on this.

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I have started Initiations in Santeria which is like a sister religion of Voodoo before I left due to politics, it was explained to me by the Babalawo that the Orishas once walked this earth and ascended to their place.

There’s a lot of knowledge that others have posted here, which I would pay heed to. The Loas and Orishas do not play games.

Can you dip your toe in? I wouldn’t recommend that but if you need help with employment, protection, etc. you can ask for help, make it clear, that you need their help and you are willing to leave them a offering. I personally give two, once at the beginning of the work and when they deliver.

Don’t make an altar, give daily offerings and then just stop. That’s never a good idea.

Learn the basics, be respectful, be honest with yourself, how much time do you have to devout to them, etc. you will be fine.

I haven’t bought E.A. course on Voodoo yet. I think it’s worth the investment. I am giving it some serious consideration. Especially since I can skip all the butt kissing, there was a lot of that.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your experiences with the Loa.


Join the family! Looking forward to seeing you around in this current!