Voodoo Magick for Weight Loss

We’ve all thought about it (at least I have).
At the early stages of my practice I really doubted a method like this would work, because when I heard or read about voodoo dolls, I always imagined a group of creepy-looking masked people all dressed in black robes, dancing around a big fire and plunging long sharp knives and pins in a sack that looked like a person. How lame…
At some point in my life I struggled with my weight. I am a food lover and never cared to hide it. I used to go to the gym, so I never really was fat , but when I got tangled in exams I stopped going. I got a little chubby and didn’t have time to exercise. Nobody body-shamed me, it wasn’t really bad after all, but I didn’t feel ok with myself. So I eventually tried the voodoo method I explain below. I saw results fast and from then on, I have been using it whenever I feel like I have eaten more than normal.
I wasn’t planning to actually post this here (not now at least), but I came across a girl’s post asking help with weight loss. So here I am. Hopefully this will help other people ,too.

The very first step is to make your very own voodoo doll

How to make a voodoo doll

It is important that your voodoo doll represents you and only you.

What you will need:

-Natural beeswax (if you can’t buy some ,don’t worry you can use candles you have at home.This is an alternative I will explain later)
-A pin or your athame/ritual knife (or any regular knife)
-Some old clothes you don’t wear anymore
-A lock of your own hair
-A box (preferably made of wood)
-Four candles (It could be any colour you like, but I used 2 black and 2 red ones. That’s because red is associated with love/beauty ,so I thought oh well the colour is appropriate)

How to prepare:

Make sure you have some privacy for the next hour (it won’t take that long if you have already made your voodoo doll). Hell, it might not even take that long anyway, but just to be sure…Preferably choose a moment when you can be home alone. :slight_smile:
If you have an altar it is best to do this ritual there.
Take a lump of the wax (the size of your palm or a little bigger) and put it in front of you. Take the pin/knife and prick/cut your hand with it (make sure the wound is deep enough to start bleeding. Don’t overdo it though, unless you know how to stitch lmao). Let the blood drops fall down on the wax. Place your index finger on the wax and start drawing circles on it.
Model a doll which looks like you. Make sure the doll actually resembles you (in terms of its figure, disproportions, stoop). It is really important that the doll looks like you. You don’t wanna cast a weight loss spell on anyone else…
When the doll is ready, apply some blood to the doll’s forehead, chest and belly, and say, “I name you… (say your name) Now you are me!”

Take your old clothes and cut small pieces with the scissors. Clothe the doll as if it was alive. Use your shirt to make a shirt for the doll and use your pants to make pants for the doll. Really important: It is best if you haven’t washed these clothes for at least 3 days (I know it sounds a little nasty, but oh well. If you have washed them and stored them somewhere, wear them again, in your house or outside, do what you normally do, get them off and store them without washing them. Leave them there for at least 3 days. There. That doesn’t sound nasty. :slight_smile: )
Cut a lock of your hair and attach it to the doll’s head.

And that’s how you make your voodoo doll. After you are done,you can take the box and put your doll inside for future rituals. Hide the box make sure no one finds it, cause well… you don’t want someone to have a voodoo doll of yourself right? And while people aren’t necessarily out for your ass, better safe than sorry.

Now that this part is complete, lets get on with the actual ritual.

The ritual

Put four candles on your altar table or the floor, or wherever really. Light the candles and put your voodoo doll in the middle. That’s when you can cast your voodoo spell to lose weight. Undress the doll, touch the “problem area” with your finger (remember, the doll should look very much like you). Feel that area on your body getting warm.

Smooth out the fat on the doll’s body slowly until it’s gone. Ideally, make it look like muscles. Make the doll’s body look like you want your body to look. Pay attention to your feelings. If you perform the ritual correctly, you will feel your body losing weight, your fat burning inside of you and your muscles developing.

Attention: if you don’t feel well during the ritual, feel pain or dizziness, stop the ritual. Undress the doll, remove the hair from its head and say, “I break the connection with you. From now on, you are just a wax doll.” Spit in its face thrice. Put the candles out. You should feel better within the next few minutes.

After the ritual, hide the doll and do what you usually do. It is important that you forget about it and don’t lust for results.

Also it is useful that after the ritual with every glass of water you drink you do this:
Hold the glass with your two hands and visualize a light green ball of light in the water. Visualize this ball filling every particle of it with healthy energy. Then say out loud: “I have a good metabolism. I eat as much as I want and I don’t get fat” or “I have a good metabolism and I always eat as much as I need”. You can say similar things, but it is important that they are in present tense and that you believe it is what’s happening to your body. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Alternative method:
As I mentioned before if you don’t have natural beeswax you can use several white candles. Just melt them in the oven and start from there. Also, if you are lazy, you can as well take those gingerbread-man forms and pour the wax in these, so you can acquire a human-like shape for your doll in a matter of seconds. Then, just adjust the proportions and voila!

P.S.1 With the help of the voodoo doll, you can change your height, the shape or length of your legs (I haven’t actually tried these, but I am positive they work considering my results with the weight loss.) It may work with penis size as well idk.
P.S.2 You can say a weight loss spell during the ritual or a health spell if you find one. You can even carve a weight loss sigil of your own design on the box where you will place your doll.

Enjoy! :smiley:


Very nice job!


This some quality content right here :zap:


To clear a possible misunderstanding, I am not the creator of this method. And unfortunately I don’t remember who they were in order to mention them (they aren’t a member of the forum). I first approached this method with caution and a little prejudice to be fair. Must be the very first ritual I did. The results were awesome, so I added it to my Book of Shadows as a very useful tool. After that I gained confidence and did lots more things is magick including spells etc. I immediately remembered I had this somewhere when I saw the girl’s post. So after I PM’d her, I thought to actually post it so more people could benefit from it. :slight_smile:


Omg thank you!! I needed this in my life! Goodbye excess fat… :pray::pray::pray: I am gonna try it and update on results!


Yas gurl!! Show this fat who’s BOSS!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


This sounds like gold! I just posted on creepy hollows asking if anyone knew about any sellers (practitioners) i could possibly go to. Im a little nervous to try this myself lol.
Mystic if you dont mind me asking how long was it before you started to see results? I ask because I’ve tried a couple of just regular weight loss spells myself and it either just did not work or took like a very lonooonnnggg time to but im sure that’s probably on me but at the same time idk if I did something wrong so cause im still a bit new to magick overall in general.

Welcome @Princessofk Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Hello girl!
The first night I did the ritual I felt like it was working. I dunno how to explain this , but even though I didn’t see results in the first week, I felt like I was burning fat when drinking water. My belly fat almost disappeared in 3 weeks and the fat in my inner thighs in about a month. :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t know a practisioner that can help you with that, though :woman_shrugging:t2:
Best of luck ~

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Would this work??? It has beeswax and able to mold and shape into a form you want to easily?

> Blockquote

I don’t see a problem with it as long as you keep your voodoo doll away from high temperatures :slight_smile:
The intention is what matters. The rest are just tools. So I believe anything that can act like beeswax does will work :slight_smile:


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: also do you have any other knowledge on spells?

I remember someone claim use a Babylon mantra to lose weight,


Some I guess, but only from experience.

Hmmm… That could be interesting. I’ll research about it.

I won’t be able to get any beeswax in hand do u suppose polymer clay (unbaked) could be used to craft the doll? Or should I rather stick to melting candles to form a shape?

@madhatter Yeah it should work !

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What would that be?

Can I use this if Im a white person?:heart:

Yes you can.

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