Voodoo drugs

Fritz Springmeier has a book called ‘The Illumaniti Formula To Create A Total Mind controlled Slave’. In chapter 3 he says a zombie drug called the ‘Zombie Cucumber’ has as its main ingredient a compound called Datura Stramonium.
Koetting says in the ebook Become A Living God, that he could not talk about what was used to cause this condition without risking his life.
Anyway, this recipe just might be one piece of the potion.

I wouldnt be suprised. When I was 16 a friend and I decided it would be a good idea to give datura and opium poppy tea a shot. Yeah. Bad idea. Within 20 minutes of gagging down about a tablespoon of our concoction I was having a great conversation with a good friend who had committed suicide the previous year. I also noticed that we had been transported into the book “Where The Wild Things Are” are because the Guns N Roses vines (from the album cover of Appetite for Destruction" I think) had become “the walls all around”. So I said to my friend (the dead one) “Check it out! Do you think we will find the boat that will sail us back over a year and in and out of days?” And he said “No but I can take you the King Of The Wild Things…” :confused: And that was that. Got nothing after that point.

I woke up 2 days later in an abandoned house with bleeding feet. If only I could remember the 2 missing days. I am sure it would have made the 6 months grounding worthwhile.

sigh We were bloody lucky we woke up at all I guess. In the immortal words of Rick James - datura - “One hell of a drug”.

Scopolamine is also a very easy to acquire substance and eliminates a person’s free will. They are basically zombies.

I guess just to say you have done it mabye.

It lasts 3 days, the dose and method of dosing strangers in public places, is dangerous because it (the dose) is next to the lethal amount so if the wind blows the wrong way at the last second it can and will kill them. This is why mostly organized criminal groups of every variety and clandestine intelligence services use this. However in Coloumbia every year the drug falls into the hands of more degenerate criminals who commit horrifying things with its aid. The first western medical expert to experiment with it’s uses was none other than the Angel of Death himself, Joseph Mengle, and he used it as an interrogation drug. The lack of information about his experiments tells a story of how much this drug still matters to the people who think they run the planet.

Zombification is different in that it requires a spiritual component, but similar in the end outcome with a vast difference in duration. However scopolamine is a small part of the process.

a few points will clear this up

Zombies are created in part by a poisoned powder, somewhat like those mentioned in the spider and the green butterfly, containing human remains that have been infused with mild poisons ritually consecrated, and infused with the power of the loa. Zombies are created when a person first falls into a death-like trance which is induced by the consecrated poisoned powder. This person is pronounced dead and buried, is then later dug up and revived and kept under the control of the houngan by the use of drugs/rituals. The main drug given upon revival and shortly after is called Datura stramonium at least according to Clairvius Narcisse. Datura stramonium also contains scopolamine, and is known for the powerful visions it can produce, and it lends itself to spiritual practice for that reason.

Zombies are created by Vodoun priests who are members of Bizango secret societies. Bizango societies constitute a totally secret and hidden other government beneath the surface of Haitian society. Zombification is the ultimate punishment reserved for someone who has seriously violated the law of the Bizango society.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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