Voodoo course experiences? results? updates?

I’m curious to know for those whom have taken the voodoo pathworking course if you were about to get good results as someone with no previous voodoo experience. There doesn’t seem to be much talk on the board about it.


No body? Any other recommendations then or books?

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I have a thread called voodoo lounge

I plan to take it in the next 6 months. I’ll get back to you then

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you promise?

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Lol. It is the plan but I can’t promise at this time because I plan to have a consultation w/ EA and ask him in what order I should take his class. So it depends on what he says. He made it clear divination is the 1st skill that should be mastered then evocation…after that I couldn’t tell.

Me and my friends are starting a book club and we plan to go through the books and classes together.

Whenever we get there, I will get back to you though :wink:

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