Vomit reflex when experiencing energy rising?

I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this because as you can see from my eloquent title, I don’t even know what to call it. For a very long time, whenever I sense some kind of massive energy buildup somewhere, I feel some kind of energy rising in my body, but when it hits my solar plexus chakra I retch involuntarily and feel slightly nauseous, though it passes quickly. Does anyone know what is happening? I’ve never seen anyone mention anything like it so I hope this is not a silly question. Thanks all.


Sounds like you gotta meditate on your solar plexus chakra to clear any imbalances in it. An unbalanced energy system can cause reactions like that.

Try my ‘chakra merging’ meditation I posted a while ago, you can find it with the search bar.



Thank you :smiley: I looked it up and it looks really interesting, but I’m afraid of its irreversibility. Is it wise for me to do that early in my development? Shouldn’t I do it only when i’m really advanced in development with my chakras? :confused: are there any consequences to them losing their colors?

I will meditate more on the solar plexus chakra though and try to work out the imbalances nd blockage, thank you :slight_smile:

It’s fine to do it at any period really. It actually can be very helpful early on to do it…

As far as ‘losing their colors’, they don’t actually have colors, people just associate colors with the chakras. And as far as the meditation I linked, it doesn’t actually ‘merge’ them so much as increase the ability for energies to flow through your body.


Ah okay, thank you for the explanation, that clears things up a lot :slight_smile: I’ll try it and see how it goes.

At the begging of my Awakening last year, I noticed that I was getting Acid Reflux. I aslo learnt that it is associated with this Chakra yet it healed sinceI overcame something (I’ve forgotten what it was).

My advice would be get to the root of the problem and once it’s solved your Chakra should unblocked.

Also do the meditation, I haven’t done it yet but I’ve noticed that Chakra meditations help (I use sleeping ones).


Hey, thanks again for recommending this. I’ve done it once and I do feel the same as what people described, the quality of the energy is sharper though I haven’t had any other startling results (but that’s related to my low physical vitality preventing me from doing a lot of work, caused by the winter cold). The first time I did it I felt really nauseous but it was passing. I’m going to wait a few more days to see if anything else changes.

I have a question, do you do this only once or do you keep repeating it?

It strengthens your connection to the energies around you, so you can sense more and utilize the energies better… So however often you feel is good. I wouldn’t do it more than once or twice a day. But repeating it will magnify your results with it.

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Serotonin is so strange… For conciousness it’s like the bass frequencies in an audio mix. Without it the groove sucks. Too much and that rap dipshit everyone has sat next to in traffic with the ass stereo comes to mind.

Biochemically you might be eliciting a serotonergic shock your body can’t buffer for. It’s common with various pharmaceuticals and a good sign that what you’re doing is having an effect. Try going there before sex and see if it delay’s your orgasm like crazy

hmm…i was actually thinking of asking this question but then i decided that it was just a result of my being around entities constantly and them shoving energy at me.

When you vomit or feel like vomitting, it means that there is something within you which no longer serves you, that is being rejected. So it is a good thing. That something could be a soul contract, control mechanism, belief system, etc. Let it out. If you can’t let it out, do oil pulling to get the toxins out, at least.


So it’s been interesting, i’ve only ever been controlling my energy by visualization and imagination and then feeling a change, but ever since i did that meditation, i’ve been able to manipulate it with palpable physical sensations, as if i was using a muscle I didn’t know existed before. it’s interesting, I wonder if that’s supposed to happen or if other people experienced the same.

i’ve also worked on parts of my life using ordinary means like what Twilight and davolaki recommended, and while i’ve not yet succeeded in putting that totally in order, i’ve not experienced the vomit reflex again since. i’d wait a bit more before saying that i’ve solved my problem though :'D

I also notice that when i’m creating art and manage to successfully express an idea trying to come out, i get this intense fluttering from my solar plexus, sweat and hot flashes all over, it’s so intense that it’s nearly unpleasant. does anyone know what this is, is it a chakra thing or am i just drinking too much coffee? Has this happened to you?

That is relatively normal, you will feel things more after doing the meditation. I do plan to write an updated version of it in the near future, once I work out some minor tweaks to the improvements I’ve made to it.

As far as creating art, you put a lot of energy into what you create, so you may want to work on some energy building exercises to increase your energy levels on top of the meditation I already gave you… the Middle Pillar Exercise is good for building energies.


Alright cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks again for your advice, they’ve been of great help :slight_smile: