Volac once again pulls through!

Volac is great with numbers and luck in general. He also find hidden treasures
He works so incredibly fast sheesh I’m so appreciative
I work at a bank a very fast paced environment with me being a teller I deal with large amounts of money on a daily basis. One day I was out of balance a very large amount of money (which could of cost me my job) I was very distraught about this so at that very moment I know I had to call upon volac

Like before I pulled up his sigil online on my phone lite a white candle added some good luck herbs (optional) and chanted his enn AVAGE SECORE ON CA VOLAC
Wrote out a petition explaining my situation on a piece of paper and asking volac if he could please help me find this outage so I don’t lose my job I told me him my offering to him will be praising his name on this online forum
after that i closed the ritual by dismissing him politely
The whole process took about 15 mins
Well the very next day to make a long story short they found my outage :raised_hands: literally the very next day he pulled through I was filled with joy
Thank you mighty president VOLAC!!! I am grateful


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! :bouquet:

Of course thanks for reading !!!

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I was looking for a demon with some correspondence with money. I found volac and was like hmm maybe. But then this post was onto of my new forum posts so I think I’ll call him tonight.

Yea he’s awesome with finding a great job so you can make much more money and overall good luck

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Any tips? I have never worked with him. Some good offerings?

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Keep it simple be specific
You don’t have to draw his sigil you can simply gaze at his Sigil on your phone
Get Into a trance state listen to some relaxing music then chant his enn
Have your paper ready read out loud what you want him to do for you
Offerings white candles and public recognition on an online forum works for me he works fast so be sure to thank him immediately when your request comes thru :slight_smile: good luck


Hi there I followed your instructions the same day you posted and sold something I was trying to sell forever today. I had signed over possession of the item and was still waiting and waiting for the money to be sent. I was even getting worried how many mechanical inspections are really necessary. I know volac helped me to get the money today. Going to ask for Volac’s assistance once again right now. Oh I also leave the sigil of volac on my ipad until the candle burns out and I put the candle on top of my petition.

I promised Volac praise, thanks so much for your help Volac! You’re the best!

Thanks for sharing this with us @Rosewater38


Simply amazing!! Thank you for sharing :bouquet:

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