Void of the Soul

I’ve come to a point where I m not sure what road to take. I feel empty, disinterested to people and increasingly centered in myself.
A friend of mine, LHPer like me, is going through the same thing.
Is it normal? Have you experienced the same things?



No… but that’s really interesting.

Our human relationships can act like mirrors and teach us things about ourselves. In the beginning. Once we accept that we are Gods and that power belongs to us, once we open up psychic channels and communicate with spirits that can actually help us, I think we can naturally get to a point where somewhere (maybe in our soul awareness) we just know that there isn’t much benefit in spending valuable time associating with air-headed unawake people tied up in drab earthly affairs.


Is it working related

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Ha, synchronicities. I said the exact same thing to someone today and they were going through it too. For me I guess it’s because I have almost everything I really wanted on all fronts and I’m in a really good place and I’m like okay what now? Is this it? I need a new challenge I guess. Maybe it’s something like that? I do know Saturn is in retrograde ( in Capricorn) and I know this has an influence too. It’s in my first house in my natal chart. Maybe look into that and see how you can make it work for you.


Yeah, it’s generally the right way whether LHP or RHP. Self-knowledge is the only truly valuable thing.

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Well, it happened to me not long after I started my path, but then I got self aware and worried that I was going too serious, too distant, too diconnected. So I decided to force me out of that state, by finding balance between magick and everything else. I went back to other trivial habits that also made me happy, and of course, my family. I regained contact with the world, to put it simple.

But, even though I found balance, my interest on most people, social matters and other mundane afairs have definitely changed.

I suggest you take a break, ground yourself and go fetch some of that lost humanity. It will make you good.


I start feeling like this the most whenever I need to get grounded. Do ordinary people shit and soak up some sun. Hobbies help too.


Ive had the same thing happen, i believe as a result of ‘growing pains’. Over time the discomfort of having wildly different beliefs and values than others fades, as you slowly accept and integrate your ‘new state of being’ with the old.

In a nutshell, your old self is fighting the new one youre ushering in. Its losing, but still throwing a few punches, if the euphemism makes sense.

Its a sacrifice, stepping out from the herd.


I suppose the issue may be that you guys are focusing directly on power and ascension. Perhaps its time to focus energy/effort on happiness for a bit. Perhaps healing work or just finding other ways to be fulfilled or finding hobbies/magical tasks that will bring joy.


The same. I’m cancer and I have saturn in my 1 house opposite to sun and moon.
I think it is related to my state of mind…


It is. It is one of the most difficult placements to have. If you believe in karma, it is actually the most karmic position. Look more into that and what I do is meditate with this video and really sit with my discomfort. The only way out is through.


This is very true.

Personally, noticed things mentally ‘smooth over’ when i do ancestral work. From what ive learned so far, your ancestors seem to anchor you in a number of ways, one of which is the factor of being human.

Focussing on power and ascent somewhat detatches you from that, hence the old self vs new self struggle i mentioned a few posts earlier.

This is one of the reasons that traditionally, the shaman lives outside of the tribe, though they are needed by it. Sometimes a little distance to go about your business is best for the work.

I would try to make sure that what is best for work is also what you want


I’ve never really thought much about ancestor work. But since we’re talking about astrology here I have a Pluto opposite Moon xD i.e. not attached to family as a need, though I do love my family.

And I have changed so much from the me I was expected to be prior to incarnation. I’ve met soul mates and had karmic decisive moments, tests that were just easy to the point of being nonsensical. But perhaps understanding more of the old me’s past, looking into my soul and perhaps ancestors will provide more growth somehow.


I think LHP has to do with the satanic joy of life. Hail thyself! Its a good sign

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It’s not normal in the sense that it doesn’t happen to everyone. But it is normal in the sense that it is happening to you.

The issue with attaining knowledge that you can’t provide to the rest of your human-kin is that you feel shut in and begin to feel useless to a certain aspect of society. It’s disassociation from social interactions with those you view as not having the same view of life as yourself.

A lot of occultists go through it. I personally only have 3 friends that I can genuinely hang out with on the daily but it is 100% because we are on the same wave length in our conversations.

The choice is do you keep getting wiser on the things you deem worthy of your interest or do you conform and join the people who are more interested with the newest episode of Game of Thrones. [No offense to the fandom, just getting a little philosophical on you.]

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