Voices in my head **UPDATE**

i got voices in my head how to get rid off, 30 days or more i have, the voices started when i wanted to get possesed by nahema and i got indeed possesed by someone the demon told me nahema its in the middle of your eyes but i though inside me brain as imagination but anyway, and i had a relationship with lilith but i never said lilith to f**k off, i asked lilith to forgive me but nahema apeared to me that day after i asked lilith to forgive me because i had a dream with someone screaming no!, nahema was mad because probably i didnt have sex with her or because my room was full of sigils for lilith, i had forced sex with nahema was quick and painful and she said “do you want to leave you in peace” i said yes please, and she never talked to me again but i can talk with other demons with them telephatic they are inside of me, i want to know how to get rid off, they are 2 demons one of them says its satan, the other almost never talks, help me to get rid of them, if you want extra info about the chat with all the voices i had was 10 voices 5 males and 5 females pm me, but anyway help me im an idiot
UPDATE i sleep moments ago and i woke up talking some unknown language as mantra or probably some invocation to someone

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also it seems someone can control my breathings without my will, this scares me, and sometimes someone touches my ballz, i have masturbated and there is no cum,i went to psiquiatric help the best doctor in my 15million people town and he said take pills and sleep a lot they are unreal (voices), the church priest say make comunion with jesus, the f**k i do?

some white mist-smoke told me let met posses you “simbolicaly” she entered through the door and layed behind me and then talked to me by vibration of the sheets i told her, who are you and she started to breath like me when i was invocating lilith but i was already possesed, she didnt talked my language, but anyway she started to cry when i told her to go away, days later some female voice told me next to me “fuck you” lmao…

Try diplomatically getting it out if it’s bothering you.

If that fails, do a banishing and call on Lucifer to help you out.

Though I’d like to add, I don’t think it’s negative. I think you just need to remove the entity from your body.

Did you end the possession?


i have talked with lucifer too, he told me stop giving insults to god or ill send you with one punch to the infinite

i dont know if the possesion ended because i dont know what to do to make them go, yesterday i toldthem a large unlogical story and that stop them a bit


You gotta end the possession eventually man.

You do it like this:

What you do when you are ready to end the possession is simply say:

(Name of spirit), depart!

Get a bowl of cool water

Bring divine light into your finger tips

Push it into the water

Vibrate the name EL SHADDAI (you are calling on the energy, not the impotent Jewish god) as you push the light into the water

You now have true and authentic Holy Water

When you want the spirit to leave, dip two fingers In the water and say the above chant while lightly rubbing your hands and every part of your body with the Divine water, feeling the spirit depart.


thanks i will do that but what is so funny?

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You went into a possession without knowing how to end it.

You crazy. :rofl:


and i didnt knew how to start it, and i dont know how to do it, i just asked for possession to nahema, lilith tried to posses me but she never could i just watched my body shocking like crazy but lilith* never could(*the entity under the influence) but i didnt believe nahema would posses me, funny story isnt??

one question how to bring divine light??

Any way you want.

You can imagine the Source, then you can imagine pulling down the light of the Source into your hands.

Or whatever works for you. Just have the intention of bringing the divine light in.

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