Voice in my head

Hello everyone,

Last night I had heard a voice in my head, and I would like your thoughts and opinions.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve performed any sort of magick. I have been having a weird situation going on lately with my 3rd eye, and rining in my head which I had made a post about recently. Explaining my situition to a local shaman, I have been instructed to perfrom the LBRP daily, which I have been doing.

Now, last night as I tried to sleep, ringing in my head built up. Eventually I saw a red outline of a face. A calm, but firm male voice said “I need to tell you something”. I rolled over and stated “I am not ready to communicate, I will reach out when I am ready. Please depart with peace between us”. Then it called me by my first name. I asked it to state and spell it’s name, and the image of a capital red M appeared in my mind. Then it said “you must ask for forgiveness from God”. As I began to fall asleep, while my eyes were closed, complete black darkness flowed over me from the left side. I couldn’t move my body for a second or two. Perhaps I was just falling into a deep sleep…? I eventually snapped out of it, and went back to sleep.

Not sure what to make of this. I’m hoping you can share your thoughts and opinions.


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Your story reminded me of my dream, where a creature of red color was also present. A little later, I found out that it was a spirit named Manokhia (the spirit in the image of a man is completely red). As I understand it, this is the spirit that is in the service of King Paimon.

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Thanks for your reply. That is interesting.
I have petitioned King Paimon and he had fulfilled my request months ago, so I don’t think this would be of that.

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You did fulfil your offering to him right?… if not that could be the forgiveness he is asking for… if not… probs just a evil spirit… some evil spirits like to mimic the gods…