Vodou Love Lamp Method and Experience

So I was browsing around YouTube and by “chance” and came across a video on magick Vodou lamps. I had read about these before but have never practiced as I don’t own a lamp to burn oil with. I knew that this was powerful and Erzulie Freda told me that she would love it if I made one to work with, but also as an offering to her. So I assembled the ingredients and carved the apple, filling it with canola oil along with several other essential oils (rose, basil, lavender and others). I placed it on a plate and surrounded it with crushed tobacco and rose petals and after the veve of Erzulie Freda was laid out (paper) on the floor before me, I lit it and called her. Her energy became very powerful and dense, likely an effect of the lamp. I gazed in the flame and entered the cross roads. Right as my vision became blurry, I felt a heavy pressure on my ajna chakra and skull as Erzulie Freda took possession of my body. I slumped over and gave her full control. She used my body to scribble in my notebook and it only felt like moments when she was in my body. She began to speak in a soft voice and I heard her but don’t remember what she said. She left my body, and I gazed into the flame of the lamp and saw my future lover, laying asleep in a pitch black room, only her energetic outline was visible. I directed my feelings of love and then my vision switched. I felt the feelings of uniting with this girl but I couldn’t see her. As I focused on this, Erzulie Freda sat at my side and stroked my back, as a mother would and I could feel the pure love coming as she did this. I exhausted all emotion and gazed quickly at my clock. I had been in ritual for two hours! I felt the power all around. I still feel it.


That is definitely a amazing experience


Beautiful! :heart:

Please can you grant me access to view