Vodoo chakra DNA changes technique extremely dangerous

Imprinting chakra DNA pattern by voodoo

Doc Modded on 2/20/2011 Imprinting an idea that you want to happen on your DNA through the chakras and by voodoo is not as difficult as it sounds. As the effect you think of can be effective through the chakra energy to causing changes to the dna to cause the idea you wanted. This is an improvised ceremony and method, that might work for you if you try it out. When doing it to someone else who is the target, try to remember that their will could resist the changes. Thus, it won’t always effect another unless they be unaware of it or they agree to it willingly. When one imprints something, there is a danger of doing too much. As imprinting is a will of your own thats programmed through intention into an energy. This energy can effect yourself or another in remote imprinting. You just need to intend to effect the other. What you will need is a candle of black or white color, a mirror and a darkened room. So, to do the imprint on energy to become a DNA pattern that is active: 1. Light the candle and darken the room (turn the lights down or off). 2. Stand in front of the mirror or the target and focus your mind on the idea you want imprinted by thinking about it or stating the idea. And, then the subconscious can pick up on the idea to enforce it. 3. Summon your chakra energy of whichever chakra you want, and feel the energy near you and your own chakra energy, become one with the idea by the subconscious enforcement and stating the idea again, in front of the mirror or the target. 4. Look in the mirror at yourself or at the target and imagine the change you want to occur as though it is there and happening and then happened. Feel your summoned chakra energy do this change as you imagine it and imagine how you or the target would act. Stating the idea yet a third time, as though it were done with an added, ‘done’. 5. Make gestures that you decide on with the hand you want, of which you decided will work to help make the change. This, to finish the effort of the voodoo ritual. 6. Feel free and try to repeat the ritual the next two days. This is most of the method. Optional, is to have music playing. If you feel the method is weak or doesn’t work, then feel free to use this idea to make your own. The change will happen within the month, and most DNA changes take an instant to effect but sometimes take some time to work.

anyone have the cohones to experiment with this

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I intend to try this, it seems interesting…

Soooo… your pushing your intent into to someone’s DNA
Rather than their mind?..

Via mirror though I think the affects would hit you more than the

The Chakra thing isn’t really new, but it does make good thought forms.

If so, I will see.

One thing is for sure though, affecting one’s DNA may make the person
Need to have the Idea done because it will become a survival instinct.
Or intuition.

I’m assuming Candle color will affect this.

I’ll get back to you on that later.

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Imprinting chakra DNA pattern by voodoo

So, has anybody tried this, and how did it go? Did you get the exact results you wanted or else? I am very much interested to know.

Thank you for this post. I have some nerve damage, so I am going to use this on myself as a healing mechanism.