Voces Magicae and words of power

ive come across this ancient “word(s) of power” of unknown seemingly by all in origin and language to be used during my incantations and the like. Has anyone else heard of this and if so how is it pronounced. Also what are some other words of power?

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Glossolalia happens to us sometimes. Try and formulate the words phonetically as possibly then use google translate to decipher as sometimes its not giberish and you can find some meanings.

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There are those from the Black Pullet: “Senapos terfita estamos perfiter notarin” against curses (if I remember well), “Nades suradis maniner” and “Sader prostas solaster” for love, etc.
I don’t know if it should remain personal but, having seen some revealed, I’ll write mines: one evening in an hotel I had the vision of two words in red: Tasor Banseo (there is a website with a similar name…), they gave a somewhat satanic feeling which left me upset, anyway I don’t know the use. Another incantation, either for healing or “reality replacement”: Elividor Ooo Aooa Koetyrinum. My assumption is based on the dream I had years ago which taught me those words.


I had to look that word up- no I read it an a goetia grimore (the phrase not glossolalia that I had to look up) Said it’s origins and language was unknown but has been used for centuries

Peaked my interest in other “words of power” and the like for incantations

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