Vivid feelings during rituals

whenever I work with a spirit, I’m starting to feel the effects take place stronger and psysically.

For example during a healing ritual, I felt the flesh and bones/spine move around releasing both pain and pleasure.

During another sparring session with a deity, I woke up rememberibg nothing but felt like abosulte shit afterwards.

Today I met a fire giant and when he helped me, I felt his Flames all over me and even smelt a burning sensation in my room.

Are these good signs or signs I need to ground more?

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Both. The fact that they’re vivid is a sign of the expansion of your abilities. However, keeping yourself grounded is always a good approach.

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I would agree that their good signs but grounding is essential. Seems your clairsentience is on point. Good job!


I think I’ll do more grounding. I perform my rituals and invocations randomly now (banish afterwards). It’s been working for a while

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