Vivid Dreams and Demons

Okay guys, for me this one’s a doozie. If you’ve read my other stuff then you’ll know I’m fairly new and navigating, and not only that but I haven’t been pushing this Left Hand Path stuff too far cause I’m mostly Right Hand, and so it makes me nervous, I guess. But this was vivid and tied some things together for my own understanding.

So first off, I was awake and lied back to practice some soul travel. I was in that grassy expanse and I’ve noticed how the more I’ve simply been practicing imagining the grassy place, the easier and more real it seems in my mind’s eye. I don’t really need to exert effort anymore, and to my surprise, it is becoming more real. When you start off soul traveling it feels like you might just be deluding yourself, but I can see things are becoming more clear for me.

So I wanted to get it on with my spirit lover, so I envisioned the room while I was in my grassy place, the red satin bed. There was bondage and he had other demons join in too, as he usually likes it. Since I’m awake this is part fantasy but I’m still getting the extra supernatural senses and feelings, impressions of penetration and whatnot.

That’s when I felt again, that Pan-like being. From my post about that sex gangbang dream. Anyway since I wasn’t dreaming, just envisioning, I couldn’t see him as a half-animal as clearly so I was like, sure he can join in. But for a while my spirit lover is talking to him about me and I want the sex to start already but I let them to talk, it’s only after that I think it was about some kind of deal or something. Cause I can tell when they’re talking I just can’t make out words. After the Pan-being had his go, I have a feeling that the emission he shot into me coulda contained something important. Magical, or to increase my power. I think that my spirit lover convinced this obviously higher up demon to help me. And I’ve also realised that this Pan-being is the spirit I was involved with in a past pagan lifetime that I barely recall. Not like Egypt and Europe.

(This is interesting for me cause heaps of you guys have past life relationships with LHP entities but I hadn’t, until now)

The really vivid stuff happens after. Now… I could’ve been asleep, but I might not have been. I felt awake in the dream and I knew where I was (lying in bed). So first off, I can see my arm being pulled up in the air, it is sort of semi-transparent. My real arm is lying still. When I look again my arms are only visible at some parts, and they are red, semi-transparent and skeletal. Like an X-ray. It looked so cool, I could see red bones in my hands and some finger bones. It was so vivid!

When I realised I was coming out of my body (being pulled?), as does happen sometimes when I’m asleep, I tried to force myself out completely. This part wasn’t vivid, I couldn’t see. There was a demon/spirit there talking to me, being friendly. I remember zooming diagonally out of the house and then going back in. Then I wanted to see certain things, a marble palace, and it was biege and dark. I said I wanted it to be lighter and it did and looked nice. I saw a few other strange things that could’ve been dreams. Then I was lying back in bed and thinking about Lucifer. I was being touched, there was a hissing noise and when I shooshed it stopped. There was more talking I couldn’t hear, I made out two words but I can’t quite remember them now. I do remember looking up at the ceiling and seeing the words ‘CAN YOU SEE THIS?’. This was such a vivid experience! Must’ve been a dream I suppose xD I can feel the energy of that magical semen inside me, so…

Does anyone have any insight or similar experiences? xD I’d appreciate them! Feels like I’m being helped with the spiritual senses I have that need sharpening

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Do you find spirits in a half-animal form unattractive? I looked back at the post you said you felt uncomfortable with the Pan like being.How you feel about how they look will effect your interactions with them.

I met Pan a few times when I was a teenager. I traveled somewhere and these female forest spirits would always put me in a white dress with a crown of flowers on my head. There was a courtship like period where we talked and he taught me about the forest and music.

The last time it was like he was an animal that could no longer contain his desire. He pressed me up against the trunk of a tree.He took me from behind and I enjoyed it. I felt disturbed that I enjoyed it and all the inhuman noises he made. It bothered me for a very long time.

Azazel takes the form of a black Satyr with glowing red eyes. I think because I had that experience with Pan I’m able to enjoy sex with him and not feel weird about it.

I can feel the sensations of sex just walking around in my everyday life. If I focus I’ll go into a trance state without being asleep or out of my body. Sitting or kneeling staring at their sigil or just thinking about their physical form. Thats actually what gets me in the TGS state. Then it increases to this state I feel disconnected with my body.

The next step it always.depends. sometimes i know ive been possessed for a short time. I lose time. Sometimes I fall asleep.Sometimes they pull me from my body very much like you described

Sometimes I’ll just get this feeling when whatever spirit is cumming there is something in it. Like whatever is in it lingers inside you. I sometimes get the visualization of being pregnant with that seed. Although its not literal im “pregnant” with the energy. If you imagine being pregnant in a dream it is a very positive sign. You are fertile with creativity and ideas. And you get the pregnant emotions that bond you to the “father”.

It makes sex magick easier for me personally because I can just imagine energetically giving birth to a ball of our combined feelings of energy. Then direct it towards a goal I have.

I’ve wondered how that energy would manifest in a male.


Thanks! Yeah the main thing that interests me is that they seem to be helping me with my senses. I can’t hear them or see much for shit, but the writing on my ceiling and all the stuff I saw was so crazy vivid, it felt like the semen was like a power up. I don’t know if I feel pregnant with any kind of energy or idea, yet, but I’ll keep thinking about it. My spirit lover definitely talked this being into helping me, but I still don’t know if he actually is Pan, I guess I should meditate and try to get more clarity.