Vivid and unprompted dream with demons from Grimorium Verum

I had a recent astral transfer of two spirits who called themselves



I am adept in goetia and basic Solomonic magic but I have never divulged into much demonology aside from that.

I had a dream that came across intensely without prompting recently. I have no idea what to make of this intuitive experience and would love to hear anyone who has worked in the grimorium verum rites specifically; and if its worthwhile to explore evocation to understand what these spirits are communicating.

Appreciate any tidbits

Popped into the Divination category with the rest of the dreamwork topics.

What’s important to remember, is dreams are symbolic, and are best taken so and not literally, so while i could be these entities, it’s also worth keeping the door open to the idea that your subconscious is simply suggesting you work with the areas or energies that these entities represent.

I don’t know about Guland myself, but I work with Clauneck on wealth preservation nd he comes through strongly for that (not “money”, allover wealth in terms of quality of life).

I think if you want an answer that is personal to your situation, ask the question of them directly. And the way to do that doesn’t have to be evocation, it could be using a sigil and pendulum, it’s up to you.
Don’t try; won’t get.” You can never lose in building experience.