Visualizing Entities


I’m working through the BOA and I’m on the verge of seeing entities. I can feel the atmospheric shifts and darkness enter the room. My ears tune into the whispers of voices speaking through the ambient sounds of the room. Sigils flash and jump off the page in glowing 3-D.

I’m able to connect with images associated with the spirit in my inner vision as well. This afternoon I was calling Fro’ghla’tasch and could see the wolf image clearly in my minds eye. It moved independently of what I expected it to. She was standing in a dead winter forest, black trees and white snow. The wolf was calm at first then, showed it’s teeth stained with blood, and growled. I kept calling out staring into the smoke billows, but I could not hold my concentration long enough to materialize the spirit. I think the knocking on the walls distracts me from calling the spirit forward, that and the cell phone ringing interrupted me too.

I went back to the circle and called again, this time standing up. I let my gaze shift to the mandala hanging across the room. I was lost in its geometric patters but gave the call again for the spirit to come. I was startled when the sheet started to move. I’m sure it was the air conditioner but it looked like someone was behind the sheet moving it.

I let my vision slip out of focus again. As I refocused a black shadow was faintly standing in front of me. I could see a veiled face with the mouth, chin and neckline showing. The lipstick she was wearing was the purple of a corps. At that point I issued the command. Then dismissed the spirit.

I know that I am close to having a full on experience with the Spirits of the Infernal Kingdom. I had a couple of previous experiences where spirits materialized to me in a tangible way. Meaning that I could not only see, hear, and smell them, but I could reach out and touch them as well. However that experience was not something I commanded to happen, it was a wake up call to the spirit world. I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences. What’s your advice on causing the spirits to appear?


This is amazing, Zach! I’m jealous! :smiley:
What have you done to get to this stage? What exorcises are you doing when you aren’t doing evocation?



That’s a complicated question you’ve asked. “What have you done to get to this stage”. Frankly I don’t know. I was living a happy atheistic existence from the time I left college until a couple years ago. Sure I’ve always been able to leave my body during sleep, but I wrote that off as just dreaming. Then “they” appeared to me, sitting next to my bed. I could see them hear them and touch them. They flat out warned me to stop leaving my body unattended because they could take it. That was my wake up call and I’ve been studying and practicing magick ever since.

From that date forward I spent time meditating, tuning into myself, my consciousness and observing the subtle nature of the unseen world around me. I spent a lot of time sleeping, astral travelling, and communicating with spirits on the astral plane. I also started reading books, hanging about the metaphysical shop and looking for lectures on youtube. That’s what led me to EA’s work.

I ordered Evoking Eternity and my life changed. I started summoning up the spirits listed in EE. I worked with the Angels Raziel and Deggal for several weeks. I would write down what they told me and practice that. I started seeing energy, hearing whispers and seeing my will manifest over my reality. Now I’m starting to see spirits. I’m waiting eagerly to see what the next steps are. I think the best instruction comes from the spirit. Also reading EA’s works. He’s been the only author so far that I feel get’s it, I never say “Bullshit” when I’m reading his works. That’s very different for me. My advice is to evoke the spirits and let them teach you. Come here for clarification and encouragement. Oh, and realize that you are in fact the God of your Universe!


Fucking fantastic man!
Good job bro. I mean it. That’s fucking rad!


I couldn’t agree with this more. There is something about E.A.'s writing that just stands out from other occult authors. Whenever I read through my collection, I can just feel the energies. Evoking Eternity, Works of Darkness and Baneful Magick were the first three I bought. They removed the last bit of doubt I had in myself concerning magick from my Catholic upbringing. I guess that changed my life also. I have done and experienced some amazing things these last two years.