Using guided meditations, I believe I can get into trance fairly well. My body seems to grow lighter and sometimes I feel a tingling sensation. Unfortunately, I have a hard time visualizing anything.

To explain, just listening to the voice relaxes me to the point where I feel like I should be asleep, but I often don’t actually try to do the visualizations the guide wants. This is because just the act of visualizing causes my mind to race. I constantly analyze whether or not I’m doing it correctly, whether I’m seeing the correct shade of color I’m supposed to imagine, etc. It keeps my mind from slowing down the way it’s supposed to.

So, I’ll forgo the visualization or just do something very basic and try not to let my mind start asking too many questions about the entire meditation procedure (curse you, ADD), and then I’ll get to a place in the tape where I’m supposed to, apparently spontaneously, experience a light or a spirit guide. I just can’t do it. I mean, I can conjure something up with my imagination easily, but it either takes me out of the trance or I find myself trying to think of what such a being should actually look like. As such, my experiences don’t seem real, they just seem like me working overtime, tweaking the appearances of my “spontaneous” visitors until I think they look right. Of course, I don’t get any messages from them, either. Any “messages” I get comes from me wanting a message and trying to imagine what a spirit guide might want to tell me, which is generally just some small thing like, “Hello.” I don’t feel a warmth from them or anything because they’re just figments of my imagination.

If I just wait in silence for something to come naturally, it never happens. I don’t know what I’m doing incorrectly that I can’t seem to make any kind of connection. Am I expecting something to happen that doesn’t happen?


I suppose it would be good to clarify, I just feel like I’m in control of and directing the experience from start to finish.

You don’t have to picture anything clearly, just think of/about what is being described, and the feeling or energy that gives you. I struggled with visualization for a while as a teen, but now as an adult it’s gotten easier and creates less anxiety.

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So, do I make up a spirit guide, or should I just ignore the supernatural encounters and enjoy the relaxation? I’ve done that kind of visualization before, but I never experience things.

Perhaps it comes from being left-brained. I’ve heard of some crazy charismatics being unable to be “slain in the spirit” because of that.

I just think of what I want done and act like it already happened. I did this once while listening to mediation music and my ex had unblocked me lol.

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I think that’s more of manifestation than what I’m trying to do. I do practice manifestation that way, though.

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