visualization comes easy for me to do without any preparation or sigils to use for example if I want to invision someone burning in a fire I simply make mental picture of that person and then I visualize the fire and then I set that person on fire the same goes if I need to heal someone ,I never cursed anyone but I have healed people . I know that some people struggle with visualization . it takes tie and patience to learn how to do this but if you practice you will get better at it than you wont need so many unnecessary thing in you collection but hey ammo is ammo right . if you do battle you want to have as much ammo as you can . I don’t like clutter so I prefer to remember all that is needed for battle .
so my thought is how many of you use visualization methods for battle


I struggle with visualization and sometimes I get down about it. Well timed pick me up, thank you!


For help with visualization, stand against the wall in your room. Take in every detail and remember as much as possible. Then close your eyes and imagine this. Hold the image for as long as possible. After you’ve mastered that image your happy place. Perhaps on the edge of a cliff looking over a massive village. Imagine the sounds of crickets dancing under the moonlight. Hear the mingling of villagers, notice the sound plants make when interacting with the wind. Imagine this for as long as possible. You’ll be an expert in no time :slight_smile:


I find it difficult too.

Earworm - music.
Interruption - last thing at night before sleep when husband rolls over and I get the full Amdusias trumpetting snoring in my ear…
Interruption - anytime I’m trying to do anything at all - just ANY FREAKING THING AT ALL!

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For battle ?
Well I do not fight with anything or anyone but I do use visualization ALL THE TIME.
I use it for anything in magick, rituals, and so.

I do not visualize very well but that doesn’t prevent it from working.
Also I doubt visualization improves with times just with practice. Because I have been meditating and visualizing for a little more than a year now and I honestly do not see any major improvement.
But as I said, the quality/clarity of the visualization doesn’t really matter as the rate of results are more or less acceptable.

Visualization quality and clarity waver a lot. A few times it’s great, other times very meh. I don’t understand the logic behind it…

I have still a long way to go because I want to jump from mind magick to astral magick. Meaning, travelling to the astral plane very vividly and doing the magick there, rather than in my head.
I found dreams to be amazingly powerful at influencing reality so the astral plane would be more or less the same I presume.

It does work i use this method for my sports my coach use to coach me to visulize what im doing before i do it im starting to see major resualts such as old habits are no repeating themselves and new habbit are there know change is happening in a big way . Maybe you have some habbits that is preventing the change and thats why yre visulization methods arent work8ng its time an paitence .let go of the old and accept the new .

U can apply this in any area of yre life ritual work or no ritual work