Visualization versus Dellusional Thinking

Visualization seems to be a valid technique in shaping one’s future. For example, creating positive thoughts about a romantic relationship which you’d like to see arise with a coworker may cause such a relationship to come about. However, nearly all stalkers go through that same mental process with no results. Other examples could be given. How can we know whether what we are doing will produce results?

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Stalkers generally have defective psyches that mean they give up the idea of having their own life and fixate on their target, making collecting information about him/her, following them, and tracking their movements and so on a higher priority than living their own lives.

This investment of their own time into their target means they come to expect something back, and therefore become angry at the target when s/he doesn’t reciprocate.

That’s when obsessive interest in a specific person becomes stalking, when the stalker makes sure the target knows they’re watching, following, waiting… it’s designed to induce, at the very least, 24/7 awareness of the stalker in the mind of their target (a terrible substitute for genuine affection), and at worst leading to violence and murder.

The stalker’s focus is almost entirely on manipulating the thoughts and actions of the target, and the stalker has absolutely nothing attractive to offer - “attractive” in the true sense, of possessing qualities that appeal to and attract another person of their own free will.

It’s fucked up and a long way from a normal person with some kind of life of their own, who fantasises or visualises, and has healthy hopes for things going further.

There’s a book kicking round, should be out of copyright like most of the classic LoA stuff, I think it’s by Wallace Wattles, and it states pretty simply that to attract someone, don’t fuss abpout trying to change them (which is what stalking usually becomes about) - instead focus on becoming the type of person your ideal partner would find attractive. I think that’s sound. :slight_smile:

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When it happens. In other words, through trial and error, Through direct experience.

If you’re not testing, you are guessing.