Visual Manifestation Achieved In A Crazy Way

Guys I’m currently in a high intensity period (due to personal circumstances) during which I am performing a lot of ritual and am studying Magick as much as I can. Not a day has gone by in the last month during which I did not perform some kind of ritual.

This particular post is about an experience I want to share with you that was an absolutely awesome “mindf*ck” for lack of a better word.

First of all: One of the main reasons I appreciate EA’s work so much is that he is one of the only magicians out there who can physically manifest entities. I have spoken to “priests” of certain esoteric orders who told me that it is impossible. Most stated that if it happens it is a “psychological phenomenon” or something like hallucinations.

Well…for several years now I have been practicing Magick at different levels of intensity, and most recently, during this very intense phase I was about to prepare for a basic Invocation of the Bornless one, when suddenly I received an intuition to go and do it outside, and to do it RIGHT NOW.

So I took it seriously and stepped outside, facing East and began the ritual. At this point I was expecting to see something. I mostly expected to see shooting stars or similar (which are said to be descending demons). Just as I reached my own magical name (which is a part that is inserted into the ritual text by Crowley), a “spirit” literally appears about 50 ft high up in the air.

The thing flies about 300 feet, it floats past me towards the East and it is about the size of a human, but glowing with light.

It was so elegant, so large and so spiritual looking that I have no doubt that it was the real thing. On top of that it gave me a serious shiver down my spine as I had never seen anything like it before. There was no sound, it was absolutely quiet in its flight.

Most importantly: This was not produced by my imagination. I did not try to see it at all, there was no incense, nothing. This was a full scale manifestation of an actual spirit, something the new agers would call a UFO.

So…just to let everybody here who is serious about Magick know…what we are doing is the real deal. These entities exist. They exist outside of ourselves. Don’t let anybody put you down by telling you its just some psychological crap.

I should add that I have not seen the phenomenon again, but I do see very strange synchronicities and similar things quite often, during and after performing rituals. To give you an example, I was doing a ritual at the cemetery today, during Halloween. The whole cemetery was filled with burning red candles, as Catholics are celebrating the time as well. As I was doing my ritual the service was about to start, but the bell was stuck, giving off a really spooky noise, like metal grinding against metal, for the duration of my ritual. Just as I was concluding, the bell finally struck. Coincidence? I’m way past that.

I say it’s about time that those who continue to mock the spirits are punished. It’s about time we take the new Aeon seriously and quit apologizing, philosophizing and similar, like even most LHP organizations have done. “ohh we are actually atheist, or…no we are good and moral guys”.

Scratch that, it’s a new period in history, respect the spirits and their Will and they will manifest. It’s no illusion, except for those who are scared or false, you can’t fool the pure (spirits).

If anybody has similar stories of 100% exterior manifestations then let me know I love hearing this stuff!

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Awesome experience, man! This is some great motivation and encouraging experience for those who are still “newbies” at Magick (just like me :P)! Keep going!