Visitor last night

last night i went to sleep after practice LHP, during sleep i was starting to hear screeching sounds coming from with in my mind as i was starting to see a pail white face, face pail color had cracks over the face, and very dark around eye sockets as it was getting clearer while my eyes was shut, the screeching sound was like a very loud sounds simmeler to a very loud dentisty drill, the image of the ghostly face was looking at me, then started to disapear, the sounds i had experience seem to feel as if it got to a loud form of screeching sound, as if it felt nightmareish and energetic high level freackout, if i experiece form of terror when i was little i be calling for parents help if i was a child, but i was strong and didnt panic, so i would like to know about these freakout sounds with these entities whats with these incredible sounds, noises can freakout, they dont carry musical instuments and whats the sounds represents can drive a person into hidding? o before i forget heres something amusing i came up with a picture below.

guess who this is

Dude Iā€™m not sure about the screeching, but that pig cop is uncanny as fuck lol

What is he supposed to be?

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it was surpose to be a joke, cops are pigs, police pigs, you heard people referring to police are pigs