Visitor in the basement?

I got the sense that someone was with me yesterday so I snapped a couple of pics. I was working in a basement. Anyone sense anything from these images? It was quite dark down there.

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I can only see a small light in the first picture.

I don’t suppose you can turn the lights on in there, can you?

A heavy presence and in the second picture the shadow on the floor looks exactly like the Donny Darko bunny to me…

Good luck with that!

Maybe leave an offering see what happens? You never know maybe you will wind up mastering time ^-^

No. There are limited lights down there. It’s barely more than a crawl space.

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I honestly think it was just someone passing through. It felt human to me. Normally I might try to initiate some contact but I was trying to get my work done so I ignored it.

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Ah gottcha. As long as you’re satisfied

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