Visited by... Azazel

The other night I began to feel a strange energy in my room. It was very hot - no, not sexually. His energy was a fiery one! I didnt feel like my skin was being scorched, but I did feel like I was in a sauna. I was sweating. This energy identified itself as Azazel and said he wished to teach me. He said he wanted me to take part of the Grand Rite that’s coming in 2019. I told him my knowledge/experience is nowhere near enough to help and he said if I work closely with him I will be ready. That he will accelerate me by stripping away that which holds me back.

This first time he appeared I dont know for certain that he gave me imagery of himself. He did give me a vision of a snakehead with another snake coming out of each eye. There was a horned being as well I caught only for an instant. It kind of looked like a minataur but it was blurry in my mind’s eye. I have a minotaur as a guide but this most certainly was not him. I think it was supposed to be a mental representation of Azazel but I cant be sure because of how unclear it was.

The next night I was visited again and told that certain circumstances in a past life were the root of my problems with substance abuse. I hadnt agreed to work with him at that point (or yet), so I was really surprised I was told that.

Since then, I’ve called out his name while looking at his sigil. I’ve talked to him a little bit. Soooooo, I guess we shall see where this goes!

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Good one!

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