Visit to Egyptian Underworld

The aim of this post is not to inflame or negate, but to share my experience and the revelations granted to me by the deities present at the time and benefit those who have had similar experiences.

Prior to the events, I performed an intense dedication and working to Set after which I was visited by his animal which I could only identify as canine. I was then given the idea to invoke the essence of Apep which I did and noticed reality move as though it were a serpent for a second.

Two weeks after, I ingested a large amount of boiled down San Pedro cactus and began my journey into the underworld. Psychedelic substances automatically put me in the TGS and summoned forth all spirits I have invoked. My only physical company on that journey was my sister’s dog who seemed to be aware of the shifting and moving presences in the air.

First to arrive was Apep, I could feel the serpentine presence moving all about and around me. Apep who I discovered to be female, seemed pretty sinister, but after a while, I found out that she is actually nice and entertaining. She has a potent form of maternal hypnotic magnetism. Her presence always creates anxiousness, as she is a predator, and she uses that to create an emotional hook to induct you into trance. After I saw through an illusion she created, she laughed and caught me in another one.

Her presence in of itself is also entirely seductive. Eventually, after I called her mother, she started teaching me her hypnotic style all while cracking jokes in a thick and rich African accent. Apep encapsulates the seven sins and is quite hilarious in her shameless manipulation of people and things, she used guilt to control my actions.

She also told me that because I started my trance at my house, I had created a portal of which she was slithering through into this world. When I tried to return to the house or asked her about it, she would change the subject. When I eventually did arrive, my sister’s dog refused to enter the house out of fear. When I opened the door, I was hit by a wave of pressure and had to leave again for a walk. The people walking past the house would stop and stare but then realize they did not know what they were staring at and leave. The further away I moved from the house, the weaker Apep’s influence grew.

While walking, I could feel other spirits influencing but not really speaking. I stopped at a shop (wanted to ground myself with food) bought a hot dog and for a moment, was astonished by my sister’s dog who began sniffing me as though I were a different person. The dog likes to be hand fed, but refused to do so while I was in that state. I broke of a piece and dropped it and then she finally ate. When I bit into the hot dog, I could feel the pig’s fear (animal I was eating) and eventual death. It was a deep empathetic connection.

After a mournful moment, I began to hallucinate the taste and smell of blood and my vision gained a reddish tint. I had some form of blood-lust and could almost see my fingers covered in blood. I could also feel death as some omnipresent entity following me. My sister’s dog somehow conveyed to me that I had tapped into her ancestral memories of before dogs were domesticated with my empathy. After which I began to hear howling and growl to which I also participated in uncontrollably. I saw through the eyes of a canine and could feel myself as a beast.

I finally returned home when the cactus was starting to wear off. My body and hands especially were covered in charcoal like dirt I could not explain. I could feel and hear Apep, but the connection was now weaker. I entered the house and so did the dog finally, but could feel Apep whenever I entered a shadowy place.

Finally, I went to my room and lay on my bed and meditated. While doing so, I felt something touch me and opened my eyes. As I did, I lost my sense of balance and could see my roof but did not feel like there was a top or bottom. I began to shiver in fear but could not understand why. My body kept shivering uncontrollably until long after the demons had left. I turned to my right and saw my door morph into a face. It was a dog head and I finally realized it was Set.

His head was slightly bigger than the door but he was a giant. He could see I was terrified so he began to tell jokes and making me laugh. He was making fun of humans for our “woe is me, my life is so bad” mentality which he got a good laugh out of, even mockingly quoting a prayer I made to him. He told me that the gods generally do not leave their abode unless it is really important and barely ever at the request of mortals.

He said that the gods find the constant prayers very annoying and ignore a large amount of them. He said the really heartfelt ones move them to create a familiar to assist the individual, and familiars are generally the means through which gods interact with men. He also said that sometimes when someone prays to them, they activate their own magical ability and the outcome is created without the assistance of a god.

He said that to know you have been visited by a true god is to be paralyzed in fear and quivering from the pressure their presence creates and the aspect of death contained within all gods. He told me that he met me halfway (I do not know what that means) and that he found me through the link I made with my sister’s dog. He hinted that he had a hand in that.

To add onto that, I would personally say feeling weakness, becoming skittish and jittery, while being both physically and mentally exhausted. I was also afraid of the dark for three days as was my sister’s dog.

Set was effeminate but when I thought about it, he hit me with a wave of his masculinity which overpowered me, imprinted on me and changed my entire outlook on self perception. My mannerism have completely changed and are more masculine. Ever since this event, I have been like catnip to women, but I still need work.

Set then transformed into a bull then back again and laughed at my confusion. He either transformed into Apis or Moloch, but I do not know. Another presence was felt and I saw a god with a goat head and was confused as to whether that was Amen, Khnum or some other god.

Apep popped up again and I could sense something happened but could not see it. Then I heard Apep die and saw Set more fully with snakeskin all over his body. With images, Set told me that Apep is omnipresent in the underworld and is the snake that eats itself, but as a result, it bites everyone in the underworld including itself and the gods are immune to its venom. He said he took out the venom and helped me not die.

After that, Set laughed and bid me farewell. Then he was gone.

H Nero
I enjoyed reading your story. Please, tell me how you boiled and prepared the San Pedro cactus and what dosage you used? I want to try and use it for my workings too.
I’d be pleased if i get the same results you got, or something close to that.

This sounds familiar to me…

I used this site and this guide, but essentially you boil it till it foams then refuses with the water and becomes a dark green. I would say about 10-15 cm will constitute a standard dosage and will translate to roughly 130mg of LSD. From my experience, slightly heavier people like myself require a stronger dosage due to body mass. I used roughly about 35cm and it was intense.

Drink it slowly in small sips so as not to throw up.

Thanks, Nero!

I’ve had a total spiritual and psychological rebirth on HBR seeds. When I was done tripping I could feel that the seeds have a soul. But I wouldn’t advise on doing that particular drug more than once

Encountering beings from the underworld is an intense experience. I’ve been to Hell and back multiple times. But there are underworlds way more intense then Hell.