Visions when working with Samael(Qlipha)

Last night I was doing a meditation Ritual on Samael. As I was trying get myself into that sphere I started having Visions of a desert, the sands were like beach sands and the there were mountains and caves like those we have on Utah. The sky was cloudy. I saw some people there with black robes and there faces ware like white sculptures. After having these visions I went to sleep keeping the sigil under my pillow. As I was falling to sleep I felt two bodies possibly female around me. The experience didn’t last long as I started seeing myself inside one of those caves I mentioned. I was laying down on something like a sacrificial alter. My throat was slit opened by one of those black robbed people and later burned. The experience and the sensations weren’t that strong tough. After that they somehow brought a new body from the ashes of my remains. The new body was was armored and strong had a figure like the God of War in the game. My consciousness entered into the body and after that the body entered into my physical body. That’s all I can recall.

I am wondering if anybody had such experience working with this Qlipha. Did I just imagined all of that or was it actually real? If you had such experience with this particular Qlipha then please share.

I’ll continue my workings and I will report if something interesting happens to me.

That’s all I got for now. Thanks for reading :grinning:


I think it means exactly what you think it means…

i was studying tree of death too, before i realised that those mechanised demigods aint really how to say that grownup or hard, and started working with spirits of living… easier to stay on their current than try to resolve truth behind split conciousnesses and build traps and systems …


This is a vision on self improvement. The desert represents your feelings of calm, your inner, true personality, the cloudy sky and caves, mountains, an unknown future and goals.

The struggle against the robed figures you saw is a battle of wills, your inner self and outward personality trying to move forward.

Watching a situation or area of your life go up in smoke, die and lose interest, and then moving forward to reveal your real self and for you to embrace who you really are, and stop hiding from those you care about.

“After that they somehow brought a new body from the ashes of my remains. The new body was armored and strong had a figure…”

Fire is powerful and destructive, but it is also a symbol of rebirth, and purity. Therefore, when the robed figure slitting your throat and burning you, he is trying to alter your persona. Being consumed in flames suggests the burning out of old attitudes, and how you communicate or present yourself with a new personality and image to begin anew.

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