Visions {What Happened After My Ritual Bath}

I made a bath using herbs and tools that resonate with Mars for the purpose of energizing and unblocking myself.

I also used the Litany of Mars as well. After everything was set, I was guided to use a chicken bone I had cleaned earlier in the day and the Death Oil I had consecrated for over a year. I added it to the bath and turned on some Horror ritual music.

The Vision(s)
I saw a man wearing a goats mask with a machete and a long black robe. The Goat mask had deer horns In it.

He had a head that was constantly changing faces, some family being my enemies, some faces being me.

He then held up the head of a Stag.

The room had a reddish lighting to it perfect for Mars.

Thr Vision then changed and I saw Ravens with bloody eyes picking flesh from Dead Carcasses. This is where shit got weird.

The vision kept changing, and showed distorted Ravens of quite Demonic proportions, with jagged teeth, blood red eyes, etc.

It then changed back to the Man in the Mask this whole time and showed him holding my body up and dropping me on the ground. I was dead.

He then summoned flames that charred my body but ressurection me. However what I saw wasn’t me but my Doppleganger.

I was calm this whole time.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bath with a feather from a Dead Raven carcass and slightly tinged it. As the smoke and scent filled the bathroom, I meditated and held a Death Vigil of Sorts.

The music ain’t help the fact that I was already Dazed and confused. :joy:

I just now ended everything and felt guided to document my experiences. The bath was great, but any advice or interpretation for the Visions?

I feel like it has to do with Death and rebirth or some stereotypical bullshit like that :neutral_face::expressionless:


Sometimes its necessary.


I’ll give it a try:

Very dark imagery that keeps morphing and distorting is sometimes reported when linking to currents of divination and also, with possible outcomes that never happened, or, potential future outcomes (again linked to the divination aspect of determining which of the several probable courses things will take).

Post that touches on this: So, scrying into your own face

Goat face with deer horns, holding the head of a stag (which the horns may be linked to, if I’m reading you right?) - this is a symbol of crossovers, of the attributes of one thing being attached to another.

That combiend with the Doppelganger and alternate futures/unmanifest realities imagery, I think, means that you successfully inherited/acquired martial energy from a reality-track where it was maximised.

Stags are usually wild, goats are usually domesticated, the goat acquired the stag’s magnificent array so I think your most brutal possible existence, one that was probably highly unlikely to have manifested, has been handed to you. Hence the Doppleganger.

I think your ritual was highly successful. :fire:


Hell yes :ok_hand:
Thanks lady E :metal:

All I hear in my mind is: