Visions (they're actually dreams, but they all seem to be coming true)

About a week ago I dreamed that my uncle tried to commit suicide. I didn’t actually see him do it though. I only seen him try, in every way imaginable.

He took a swan dive off a roof, a bridge, ran in front of a train, ran in front of a transport, put a gun in his mouth, stabbed himself, etc.

I saw it over and over again lol.

At the time the dream didn’t really mean anything. Until 2 days ago.

My uncle really did try to commit suicide. And I’m the only one who wasn’t shook when we found out. My mind was still pretty blown, but I didn’t have that same “WHAT?!” reaction that everyone else did.

My uncle’s not the kind of guy you’d expect to try and kill himself. He had a job, a wife, kids, a house lol. He just got a new car too. He’s never given me the impression that he was depressed or suicidal. It came out of nowhere.

Does anyone else have to suffer through dreams like this? Where you could have swore it was real, then somewhere shortly down the line it happens for real. After you seeing it happen in a dream.

I never recognize dreams as being precognitive until after the fact, but with that one, I would have known right away. Not from the content, but because of the way it was structured.

They way you had all different suicides, what you saw there was thearchetype of suicide. Usually it only manifests one possible outcome, and not necessarily the one that plays out in real life. The fact that you kept having him die over and over in different ways was a very clear indicator something was going on there.

I have so many dreams that its hard to tell what they are trying to message, but sometimes i do get visions - although they are usually just a random thing that is going to happen on next day etc… So i’m not sure whats the point, maybe its just me visioning randomly :smiley:

Interesting dream a while ago was a dream where i invoked Satan and i felt that i was a part of this black mist. I don’t know whether it was real or not, i also kinda knew that i’m in dream - but at least it was interesting, and something that stays in my mind.