Visions of Lilith

Ok so for the past week and a half I have been seeing images of Lilith in a demon queen like appears in broad daylight. It was as if I was in two worlds at once. The visualization has been clear as day. It is as if she deeply likes me or something. Her smile has one of the most warming smiles I have seen. What should I make of this?


If you performed a ritual invoking Lilith she has given you a sign she will accede. Lilith, ancient goddess of the left-hand path, deals with sexual desire and knowledge if your rituals pertained to those requests your visions indicate they have been heard.


Yea I basically drew her sigil and wrote letter of intent. I burned the sigil shorty after.

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Id say go forward with an evocation if you’re comfortable. Ive worked with her for years and this is one of the few times ive heard about visible manifestation