Visions during a trance?

Good evening. Yesterday I went into a trance for the first time, I think. The feeling was strange, as if I was detached from the world and deep inside myself, I can’t explain it. Anyway, I had some visions appearing on my eyelids and they were very light green, like those ghosts in cartoons that are very light neon green. These visions also lasted only 5 seconds and I had to relax and focus on my eyelids again to get these visions. First I saw a skull with a crown, then a deformed face, a child, and finally a skull with a hood, as if it was the personification of death.

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I used to get these a lot when I started doing qigong meditation. They may start looking surprised that you can see them. It goes away as you develop as a mage.

My own theory from my qigong teachers on what these are is simply that as you do meditations, it sort of lights you up on the astral and you attract attention. The astral is teeming with entities, they come and take a look at the new person.

There’s no harm at this point and you can ignore them, but as part of your work now you want to learn how to “banish and cleanse”… not all entities are benign, some feed off human energy and get you down, being able to check your system and cleanse ot on ininvited energy and parasites is a basic skill and part of maintaining good spiritual hygiene.

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Oh, thanks. I didn’t think it was something so serious.

When I was a kid, used to wonder what all these colors and visual effects were when going to sleep. I just thought everyone sees them, so I wasn’t ever afraid or considered it abnormal :smiley: Later I’ve understood it was because my senses were so clear as a kid. I was talking with spirits often and I was able to hear and sense them even awake.

I’ve learned now that if you aren’t afraid and consider it “normal” (and ofcourse still keep good spiritual hygiene, not allowing them to come to you without asking), you should be just fine. It’s a good sign, telling your senses are developing! If you are afraid, you might block your senses unintentionally.

The funny thing is that I am “new” to the occult. In 2020 I was doing an intense meditation program for the third eye, but since then I haven’t done anything else. Weird.