Visions behind my eyelids

So lately, I’ve been getting the brief “visions” when I close my eyes. No they are not dreams, as I’m fully awake when they happen.

I once saw a face stare at me from the darkness. I also saw a hand waving over my eyes as if trying to get my attention. Both of them were as clear as day despite the world around them being pitch black.

Anyone know what kind of visions these are? I looked around the forums and google but haven’t found anything. I want to know more about them.

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In his book Questing After Visions, EA Koetting calls them internal visions.

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I’ve had these for years since I was a kid. I always either blocked them or was afraid and ignored them or dismissed them as just nothing, until very recently. I would just open my eyes and close them back or think about something else.

Recently I’ve started to just let them be and see what happens. I’ve seen faces and people, some deformed, sometimes animals. What I’ve noticed is if you let them play out, it appears they see you notice them. Many times I’ve seen them come closer to me and try to talk to me. It can be pretty freaky. Takes getting used to once you actually let it play out.

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