Visions and plant healing(?) - Lucifer

I was curious if anyone had any similar experiences working with Lucifer.

Full disclosure: I am fairly new at this and come at it with healthy skepticism. I believe other people have had magical experiences, I would just like to experience them for myself.

So I have been invoking Lucifer and nothing really crazy has happened. I then read an idea of putting the sigil under your pillow to see what dreams may come. Cool idea. So I did it. Well, at around 3:00 I woke to find myself face to face with what can only be described as an imp. It’s not what I envision Lucifer looking like, but maybe. It was like a midget with a demonic face. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Still there. Startled, I turned on my nightstand lamp and it is was gone. It took me about 30 minutes to go back to sleep but I did. About a half hour later I woke up again from a noise. I then saw a small form run across my bedroom. And back again. I was so sure of it I turned on the lights, woke my wife up and searched the house, inside and out. Nothing. Since I removed the sigil from under my pillow, the visions have stopped. Was it my mind creating the visions? Maybe. But maybe not.

Then I noticed another abnormality. The plant in the space where I invoke Lucifer has been turning brown (prior to the invocations). I have sort of been ignoring it (I know, bad plant owner) but when I was cleaning my space today I noticed that it was fully green, full of life with new growth. I haven’t watered it, it’s been in the dark mostly, etc. Just very strange. But maybe there is an explanation or someone has had a similar experience.

Thanks for reading.


I didn’t have such an experience but I have heard some people who did. It’s a sign that he heard you I guess. You should take notice of these visions for they may have something useful for you. That’s my advice.


The little imp you saw probably wasn’t Lucifer… Lucifer could have been opening your senses while his sigil was under your pillow, so you noticed the critter who was already there. Or the critter just saw you were entuning yourself to Lucifer’s energy somewhat, and that was his domain as well, so he could make himself visible to you. That’d be my guess.


Lucifer wouldn’t appear as an imp but it sounds like your senses were open and he was indeed there. You mentioned you were “invoking” and if that’s the case you generally won’t feel too much there. You’re pulling their essence INTO you rather than seeking an outward manifestation. Commons side effects of invoking are sleeplessness, power surges and new found abilities.


Ive had experiences with using sigils to have dreams or request dreams from entities directly and crazy stuff indeed can happen, although most of it, to me at least, happens while Im asleep. Lucifer is a being of limitless power and since you were invoking him, its possible his energy jumpstarted your senses. Also he might have sent the Imp as a familiar or maybe it was just around and you were now able to perceive it.

As for the plant, the energy of the working might have revived it. The few times I called upon Lucifer all I could feel was immense power and light. The working was in the middle of the night in a dark room and I was still physically blinded through my closed eyes. So that may have been a side effect of his presence.


If I do put his sigil under my pillow and wake up in the middle of the night seeing a creature in my room I’d be too scared to even try turning the lights on. I need to work on not getting so scared… I’d barely be able to move or talk if I see that stuff in real life. Scary enough seeing stuff like that in my dreams.

Well I’m gonna try it out to see if something happens. Need to face my fears.


It was startling but didn’t scare me for some reason. I honestly wanted it to be a real entity I could talk to. LOL


Yeah I get it, talking to entities would be quite interesting. Why did you remove the sigil?

I removed it to see if the visions stopped. And they did. Even my wife said the energy in the room felt different and she had no idea what I had done.

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Oh okay. Nothing really happened to me, I did wake up sometime but I didn’t bother to check what time it was. I had my ”normal” dreams as usual.
I did tell you I was gonna face my fears which I thought was gonna be hearing or seeing a creature in my room but I ended up having a dream of one of my other fears instead. It was scary of course but I got through it.

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@kidneythief, I agree with @AradiaX’s post.

Visions and plant healing(?) - Lucifer - #4 by AradiaX

Invoking, u bring the entity inside u. What u did may have been evoking, idk for sure, but in my case, when I evoke, I see the entity manifest itself. Something I also know/have heard, Lucifer can take up many forms. I’m not sure about ur event. When I open a sigil, since I’ve heard b4 other opportunistic spirits may also try to come through as that’s an open portal, I’m usually very specific when i do that and state only the demon associated with the sigil can come through.
Very interesting though. I never heard of invoking while u were asleep. Has anyone else on this thread done that?